Adds 240 Watt LED Light with Visible and Infrared MRAP / MATV Light

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Larson Electronics’ added a larger MRAP/MATV LED light that provides both visible and infrared LED light within a single light fixture. With 2 separate power connections, 2 rows of 7,200 lumens of LED light can be connected to the blackout system and the remaining 7,200 lumens of infrared light can be connected to the main power system. Once the soldier switches into blackout mode, the visible light turns off, leaving the 850nm or 940nm infrared covert illumination on.

LED infrared and visible light combination light

Further expanding the infrared LED light illuminator line, Larson Electronics’ added the LEDLB-80X2-VIR visible and infrared LED combination light. The LEDLB-80X2-VIR contains an array of 3 watt LEDs with 20 columns of 4 LEDs. At 22 inches long, 5 inches tall and 3.5 inches deep, the LEDs are encapsulated in a aluminum casting and mounted with two 3/8 inch stud mounts suspended from stainless steel brackets. Each LED is packaged in its own reflector, creating a beam coverage area reaching more than 2000 feet in length and 900 feet in width. While the entire LED IR illuminator produces 14,400 lumens, 2 rows of 7,200 lumens are dedicated to visible light, while the other 2 rows are dedicated infrared LEDs. The infrared portion of the LED light can be configured for 850nm or 940nm, depending on customer needs. This 240 watt LED light operates on any voltage ranging from 9-32 Volts DC and ships with 2 separate power connections, terminated in two pin Deutsch sockets. A wiring harness with male connectors is also provided. By providing 2 separate power connectors, MRAP and MATV builders and operators can connect the visible LEDs to their blackout system, while the infrared LEDs remain connected to a constant power supply. When the military vehicle operators switches into blackout mode, the visible LEDs will shut off, leaving just the infrared LEDs energized. The LEDLB-80X2 is Buy American Compliant.

“This is the big brother to our LEDLB-24-VIR MRAP light, providing more range and power with the same 50,000 hour life and fixture durability, said Rob Bresnahan with Larson Electronics Magnalight. “The response to the LEDLB-24-VIR has been exceptional. However, more coverage is always better, so for the vehicles that have room for a 22 inch LED IR illuminator light; this will give them more distance and width for overall area coverage. This LED emitter light is IP67 rated dust and water tight, so it is applicable for sand and wet areas alike. On 12 volts it still only draws 20 amps and as 24 volt military vehicle light it draws only 10 amps. With this fixture, we are really start to cross over into the type of illumination provided by 1000 watt and 1500 watt metal halide fixtures configured for NEMA spot beams. But we are able to control the color and type of light produced with these LEDs. This gives the operator much more control over their environment and maximizes the efficiency of the light energy provided.”
You can learn more about the LEDLB-80X2-VIR and the rest of the infrared LED lights and their line of visible LED lighting at or 1-800-369-6671 (214-616-6180 international).


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