Digital Solutions / Inmate Telephone, Inc.’s Call IQ Solution Benefits From One of the Largest Speech Recognition Data Sets in the World

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Tremendous amount of raw data provides more robust functionality and greater accuracy for advanced call monitoring solution.

It is a truly amazing opportunity to have such a large amount of raw data to use as a basis for research

Call IQ, Digital Solutions / Inmate Telephone’s most advanced inmate call monitoring program, which enables investigative staff to more easily detect illegal activity within inmate telephone records, now has one of the largest data sets in the nation to drive this powerful solution.

Call IQ is a sophisticated program to monitor inmate telephone calls and quickly and easily isolate inmate phone calls that may contain criminal activity. Quick intervention by authorities allows them to prevent crimes like witness intimidation and solicitation of murder.

To date, Call IQ facilities have transcribed over 2.25 million inmate telephone calls from around the country. This data set is used as the basis for continuous language modeling, which has resulted in the most accurate speech-to-text solution in the industry. Currently in their 5th generation, these unique language models result in greater accuracy with each successive generation. Moreover, the data set is used for ongoing research into powerful methods that automatically discover meaning and context from unstructured text such as that derived from inmate telephone calls.

This patent-pending technology allows investigators to strategically find inmate phone calls that may contain threats or criminal activity without having to listen to every phone call that is made from a correctional facility. This is crucial to the success of call monitoring efforts as the sheer number of phone calls produced each day would make monitoring every call a near-impossibility due to the man-hours that would be required.

“It is a truly amazing opportunity to have such a large amount of raw data to use as a basis for research,” said Andreas M. Olligschlaeger, Ph.D., creator of the Call IQ application. “Typically, data sets used for language modeling and natural language based research are in the range of a few thousand hours- we have over 500,000 hours of data at our disposal and I expect that to double by the end of the year, further enhancing the power of the Call IQ application.”

Call IQ is available as a supplement to the advanced Offender Communication System software that Digital Solutions / Inmate Telephone includes with their inmate calling platform that is in use in corrections facilities across the United States.

For those interested in learning more about inmate telephone services or software designed specifically for the corrections industry, visit the Digital Solutions / Inmate Telephone, Inc. website at, or contact Mr. Thomas Brence by calling 888.222.3081.

About Digital Solutions / Inmate Telephone, Inc.

Established in 1984 in Altoona, Pennsylvania, Digital Solutions Incorporated (DSI) is a privately-held technology company that specializes in automating corrections agencies. Its sister company, Inmate Telephone Incorporated (ITI), was founded in 1994 to create and maintain state-of-the-art inmate phone systems for correctional facilities.

More than twenty five years of successful implementations in over four hundred agencies has enabled DSI / ITI to become the leading provider of software solutions to the corrections industry. The company attributes much of their success to the practice of involving users in the design phases of the application development process - input that is critical in enabling the company to continually improve, while building a sense of ownership among the communities they serve.


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