SGIC Research Shows Everyday Stresses Worry South Australians

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Insurance provider SGIC has released new research, which coincides with the launch of its "Unworry" campaign highlighting how complex our lives have become.


The survey certainly indicated most of us get caught up and distracted by small annoyances

South Australians have admitted they're worriers - and it's the everyday annoyances that get under their skin.

Research by SGIC found 67 percent of people in SA said they worried about life's everyday stresses, with aggressive and rude driver behaviour, and office know-it-alls topping the list of gripes.

The release of the research coincides with the launch of the SGIC "Unworry" Insurance campaign, which highlights how complex our lives have become.

SGIC State Manager Ms Lee Jameson said the research revealed most people were sweating the small stuff.

"The survey certainly indicated most of us get caught up and distracted by small annoyances," Ms Jameson said. "It's ok if the kids have toast for dinner, or you spend the weekend in your PJs - there's enough we're already worrying about."

"Insurance gives you peace of mind - one less thing to worry about so you can get on with life."

Ms Jameson said the research also showed that taking time out for simple pleasures was the key to "unworrying" for most SA residents.

"Generally reading a book or the paper, watching TV or a movie, listening to music, exercising, or spending time with friends were the activities most people said helped them keep a positive outlook, unwind and relax."

So what are South Australians worrying about?

On the road

  • 92% are annoyed by aggressive drivers
  • 90% are frustrated by drivers who cut them off
  • 90% are irritated by tailgating drivers
  • 90% are annoyed by drivers who don't concentrate or look where they're going

In the passenger seat

  • 56% of people get frustrated when their partner brakes too much or too suddenly
  • 55% get annoyed when their partner doesn't concentrate on the road
  • 53% are irritated when their partner tries to multi-task behind the wheel
  • 52% are annoyed when their partner experiences difficulty parking

On public transport

  • 90% get annoyed by other people putting their feet on the seats
  • 89% of people are irritated by aggressive or drunk people
  • 87% don't like sick people who coughing or sneezing near them
  • 82% find smelly people bothersome

In the workplace

  • 91% of survey respondents are annoyed by the office know-it-all
  • 86% are frustrated by managers who have 'favourites'
  • 78% get irritated by office busy-bodies
  • 76% find office gossip annoying

In the home

  • 75% don't like mess
  • 68% are frustrated by teenagers' attitudes
  • 67% are bothered by dirty dishes

While grocery shopping

  • 78% of respondents don't like queuing
  • 74% are annoyed when shelves aren't stocked
  • 74% are irritated by people using the express lane with more items than they should
  • 67% find slow cashiers annoying

How do we relax?

Activities used to unwind:

  • 92% read a book or the paper
  • 91% watch TV or a movie
  • 91% listen to music
  • 79% exercise
  • 71% ring a friend or chat
  • 59% cook
  • 56% go to the beach
  • 48% drink alcohol
  • 40% walk the dog
  • 33% play sport
  • 29% meditate or use yoga
  • 19% work on their hobby
  • 18% spend time with family
  • 14% play extreme sports
  • 14% clean or fix things around the house
  • 15% browse the internet, email or play computer games
  • 6% eat, or drink coffee or tea

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