Save Up to $800 on Car Insurance Quotes with

Consumers in the United States can now use to find, compare, and save money on car insurance quotes. The company has partnered with insurance providers in every State across the United States and now provides nation-wide service coverage on car insurance.

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We partner with hundreds of insurance providers across all states in the United States. We aim to help consumers get the best coverage at the lowest cost.

New York, New York (PRWEB) June 15, 2012 has expanded its service coverage by partnering with more than 10 insurance companies and independent brokers in every State across the United States. Consumers across the nation can use to obtain, compare, and save money on car insurance quotes.

"Our goal is to give you as much opportunities to compare as possible," said Eric, Senior Advisor of "So you can find the best coverage at the lowest cost and maximize your savings with us."

Since its launch late May 2012, the website has been helping more than 10 individuals a day and has helped over 300 individuals save money on car insurance to date. One individual managed to save well over $828 on a new policy with similar coverage. USA Census ( reports an average cost of $1,571.51 a year on car insurance coverage. "Our data indicates an average cost of $1,489.26 a year on car insurance," said Eric. "That is $82.25 lower than the nation-wide average reported by USA Census."

"We are very happy to see our services making a positive impact to the society, helping people save money on insurance," Eric added. "We will continue improve the performance and accuracy of our services to help people save even more."

The company has recently acquired to its insurance channel. "We are very excited about this new acquisition," Eric continued. "We look forward seeing it improve our online search engine coverage in the near future."

It is required by law (except for the State of Virginia) for drivers to have at least third party liability coverage before they are permitted to drive on the road. "At an average car theft rate of 212 per 100,000 and an average car accident fatality rate of more than 1.21% (source:, it makes sense to protect your car, your family, and yourself with sufficient coverage," Eric added. "It doesn't hurt to compare. Let us help you find the best coverage at the lowest cost."

How does work? When a zip code is entered, the system automatically determines the location of the zip code, connects with insurance providers in the specific area, and then displays quotes from multiple companies on the screen. The entire process completes in a matter of seconds.

In addition to car insurance, also provides home, health, life, business, and travel insurance quotes. Compare and save money on insurance plans today!