Evolution Issue of the Month 4, Urging Evolutionists to Rethink Intelligent Design, Published at Take On Darwin Website

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When evolutionists say living creatures are not intelligently designed they may be doing their cause more harm that good, warns author Shaun Johnston in this fourth in a series of articles published by Evolved Self Publishing.

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Save Our Selves from Science Gone Wrong, by Shaun Johnston

If you want to turn someone into a figure of fun, get them to INSIST that something that obviously is true, “ain’t so.” That’s what some genius did to the neo-Darwinists, getting them to INSIST that living creatures aren’t intelligently designed.

When evolutionists say living creatures aren't intelligently designed they are likely to drive people over to the creationist camp, says Shaun Johnston in an article published this month by Evolved Self Publishing. Evolutionists know living creatures are intelligently designed. What they mean is, there’s not really any designer.

"I know enough not to take what evolutionists say at face value," says Johnston. "I know that to them denial of intelligent design is just a flag they muster behind. But I do think it makes them look silly. It’s obviously not true. But it’s also silly because they’re saying that they, and you and I, are also not intelligently designed, though we, as human beings, obviously can design intelligently. In fact, that’s almost the definition of 'sapiens' in 'Homo sapiens.' Tool making is definitely an example of intelligent design."

Does it mean anything to claim that an intelligent designer--a human being--was not itself, or himself or herself, intelligently designed, asks Johnston? "I don’t think it does. One could as logically say 'yes, we must have been intelligently designed,' as 'no.' If neo-Darwinists accept that saying 'yes' is within reason, then they must vote for or against human exceptionalism. If they vote for it, saying human beings are the only evolved creatures intelligently designed, then they skate close to the creationist position that humans are fundamentally different from the rest of nature. If they vote against it, saying human beings may not be the only ones that have been intelligently designed, then they're agreeing that all living creature have been intelligently designed. That's what I'd like them to do, they won’t look so silly. And a lot of people who went over to the creationist side will come on back."

Read the complete article. It is the fourth in a series of articles written by Shaun Johnston, publisher of the Take On Darwin website, that draw attention to flaws in the arguments used to support the Modern Synthesis. Subjects to be covered can be seen here. Johnston is also developing a secular version of intelligent design as a separate project at evolvedself.com.

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