Luminvision Ltd - AdVis 2.0 and New Product Range Released, 3D Interactive 'Touchless' User Interface Coming Soon

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Luminvision Ltd has recently launched AdVis 2.0, a powerful piece of Interactive Software packed with new features for creating interactive floors, windows, walls, ceilings etc. Now shipping with over 100 customisable effects, the possibilities are unlimited. AdVis 2.0 features multiple projector support along with edge-overlap and edge-blending for creating huge seamless displays. Also released is a Software Development Kit, compatible with all major programming languages, programs can be created in Flash, C++, C#, Java etc. and interface with AdVis to make unique interactive effects. New to their product range, is a variety of rear projection films offering excellent quality at affordable prices and a selection of Multi-Touch LCD and Plasma Displays as well as Immersive Audio products. Coming soon is a new 'Touchless' User Interface for use with LCD, Plasma, LED or projection using 3D Camera technology.

Interactive Projection System using AdVis and LV High Contrast Rear Projection Foil - Sound Club in Phuket, Thailand

AdVis 2.0 has a host of new features, designed to be able to create a wide range of interactive displays. Images can be projected onto Floors, Ceilings, Walls, Windows, Tables, or pretty much any surface. With the use of our Edge-Overlap, Edge-Blending and Image-Masking technology multiple projectors can be easily combined to create projections of all shapes and sizes. This means unique interactive display can be created for every install, rather than having the usual rectangular image which is now commonplace. Now supplied with over 100 interactive effects, each effect is completely customisable and very easy to use. Videos, images, sounds, logos, masks and settings can all be changed from the effect's configuration program; to replace a background image for example, just choose the background settings page, click browse and choose a replacement image or video.

Multiple Systems can also be networked together, either by a local network or the internet. An unlimited amount of systems can be setup to remotely login to a master system and check for any updates. If there are any, it will automatically download the new content and schedule, then start playing with no on-screen disruption.

With the AdVis SDK, effects can be created in all the most common programming languages and then interface with AdVis to make the effect interactive. The effect can even be loaded into the AdVis launcher to have it run automatically alongside other AdVis Effects. The AdVis SDK is compatible with most programming languages, C#, C++, Java, Flash, any language that supports networking is compatible.

Luminvision has expanded its product range with two new rear projection foils; a high contrast rear projection film and a transparent rear projection film. Both offer excellent quality at an affordable price, they come with a self-adhesive layer and can be attached to glass or acrylic. The LV High Contrast film is ideal for show windows where a large glass surface area needs to be converted into a projection screen. The LV HoloFoil is a unique product, allowing a transparent surface to be transformed into a projection surface while still retaining its transparency. Depending on the content used, it can be used just like any other projection screen with the ability to see through it, or using 3D content with a black background, holographic looking displays can be created.

Combining the AdVis Interactive Projection System along with the new Projection foils, Luminvision now offer a Window Package which includes AdVis 2.0, a tracking camera, 10 interactive window effects and a 100" Projection foil providing everything needed except a PC and Projector to convert a plain window into an exciting new advertising medium, grabbing people's attention as they walk past a window which they normally wouldn't give a second glance.

A welcome addition is the immersive audio product line-up, which complements the interactive systems perfectly. This new technology allows normal everyday surfaces to be converted into a giant wide-bandwidth speaker which emits sound evenly across the entire surface. The system can be installed so that nothing is visible except the surface itself. The product works with all sorts of surfaces including glass, wood, plastics, metal, etc. and is suitable for a wide range of market sectors. Add this unique product to an Interactive Window Kit, and a window calling people over as they walk past and create sound effects as the audience interact with the window is possible.

Luminvision Ltd supply single touch interactive foil overlays which can easily convert an existing projection display or LCD into an interactive display up to 100''. Once installed, any content such as websites, Flash programs, videos, etc. can be displayed and seamlessly interacted with just like using a normal mouse. There are no extra development costs to convert existing content as any content can be used. They are now supplying a new range of Multi-touch Plasma and LCD Screens and Multi-touch Overlays in sizes from 30'' to 103''! They are simple to install and highly robust and accurate. As they are integrated into the display, existing multi-touch challenges such as alignment, calibration and transportation of the screen are gone.

The latest product from Luminvision Ltd, which will be officially launched in September, is an Interactive 3D 'TouchLess' User interface enabling users to control and interact with on screen content from a distance. With unique 'depth-sensing' and 'gesture-recognition' technology, a user can stand away from a display and control it by simply moving their hands in mid-air. Content can be navigated, clicked, dragged and dropped and the system can be configured so the user can be at different distances from the screen. No special equipment such as gloves is required, so anybody walking past the display can interact with it; just like 'Minority Report', only real!

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