Can Middle-Market Companies Capitalize on This Highly Active Global Marketplace and Achieve Growth? Mergers & Acquisitions in a Changing Global Market

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Middle-market companies: Don't miss out on the opportunities for global growth and expansion. Global mergers & acquisitions is the key strategy to future success and competitiveness in the world market. While the process of going global will indeed present both external and internal challenges; if planned carefully and executed perfectly, the prize will be the difference between incremental bottom-line profits and exponential growth. Whoever enters the market first is the winner!

Financing in a Changing Global Market

Mona Pearl, expert in global expansion strategies, will be speaking on a panel in Orlando, FL on "cross border transactions" on January 21, 2009. The theme of the conference is "Financing in a Changing Global Market", focusing on middle-market companies looking to grow and utilize mergers & acquisitions as a growth strategy.

"No doubt, the domestic M&A market has stalled. Deals are still happening, but a closer inspection reveals that many of these transactions are actually centered on cross-border themes." --Mergers & Acquisitions Journal

This panel discussion will help attendees stay abreast of what's going on in the global deal market. This special panel presentation of leading experts will make the audience aware of the very most recent important developments that are relevant to the highly active global marketplace for middle market companies. Conference Information.

Albert Einstein once said, "In the middle of every great difficulty lies opportunity," and with a little creativity, knowledge and actionable plan companies have the potential to tap into the enormous opportunity offered by today's global marketplace.

"This is your wake-up call," says Mona Pearl, Founder & COO of BeyondAStrategy. "The opportunity to plan for today's growth strategies passed, and many missed that mark. Fortunately, today is the day to start planning for tomorrow's growth, and there is still time. However, the old strategies of cost-cutting and down-sizing will not suffice in the decade ahead. Only new methods and new solutions designed to respond to today's global market will provide future success."

A Global Customer Base:
By 2020, 80 percent of the world's consumer base will reside outside U.S. boundaries. These are our/your future customers, future partners, and the future path toward growth. "Harness the power of yesterday's advances in technology and communication and connect, starting today, with this vibrant global market. Take a reality check, reform corporate mindset and embrace the new reality - it's the only reality available. Then, map out a plan to incorporate M&A as the new solutions for these new global opportunities."

The Choice to Compete Globally:
In 2008 for example, the most active target countries were the BRIC countries: Russia (331 deals in Q3), China (281), India (182) and Brazil (160). BRIC countries were also top buyers. Russian companies carried out the largest number of transactions (321), and were followed by Chinese investors (236). Indian and Brazilian firms took third and fourth place with 191 and 139 deals respectively. Over 53% of deals (1,083) carried out in the Emerging Markets were acquisitions of majority stakes.

Now more than ever is the right time to enter global markets. Did you know that very soon 80 percent of the world's consumers will be outside the United States? Look at the new reality and think how you can turn it into an opportunity for your company. The rest of the world is catching up and is getting richer, so in order to maintain your leadership position you need to consider expanding internationally. It is time to stop focusing on insecurities and a U.S.-centric approach, and start competing for the growing global market, using cost-effective expansion strategies.

Over the last three decades, the world has shifted from a collection of regional or national economies to a truly global economy as a result of technology, trade agreements, lower tariffs, better transportation and easier communication. Many other nations have engaged in global business for decades now. Don't be left behind and let your competition build their reputation, strengthen relationships and get all the business. Whoever enters the market first is the winner!

Ms. Pearl is the founder of BeyondAStrategy, Inc., a woman-owned international firm based in Chicago that develops competitive global strategies for leading multinational companies as well as mid-market firms to help them create significant and sustainable growth. Mona Pearl Bio.

Mona has started and operated 3 businesses of her own, and uses her expertise in strategic global competitiveness to extend market reach, enhance leadership and engage the stakeholders along the value chain of growing their business. From operations to organization to bottom line results, Mona has led high performance teams and found new and creative ways to make money and increase market share. As an international business woman, she knows that cultural differences can make or break a business deal. Mona's language abilities include: English, French, German, Hebrew, Rumanian and Spanish. Client Experiences.

Mona writes a column on Global Manufacturing Issues in "Manufacturing Today" magazine.


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