International Oddities Celebrates its 7th Straight Year of Buds on Film

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Creators and leading innovators of the "legal bud" market, International Oddities' have had their goods featured in their 50th major movie this month since their first appearance 7 years ago in a top Hollywood production. International Oddities legal buds are frequently used as "stunt weed" in the entertainment industry. Their "legal weed" is the primary legal smoke stand-in for the film and cable industry.

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"It has been a magical seven year mark thus far with Mother Nature as our partner"Bill BlackInternational Oddities Inc.

If you have ever seen a movie, series or non-reality television program that showed people smoking marijuana, you may have wondered where their props came from. Unless the show is "COPS" or a "48 Hours" segment about marijuana use or legalization, it is safe to speculate that the actors are actually smoking some variety of legal smoking herb. Due to their reputation as ground-breakers and innovators in the exotic smokes industry, the chances are that Hollywood's legal buds came from one place: International Oddities.

The fact that International Oddities products have appeared in so many motion pictures, cable shows and TV shows begs the question: Is it simply because their products are so convincing, or is there perhaps something more?

Certainly, their legal buds do look very much like "the real thing," so much so that movie star Seth Rogen has used this "legal weed" in several smash Hollywood films including "Knocked Up" and "Pineapple Express". Entering the comedic market is one facet of the industry but with their recent appearance in the release of the film "Freelancers" starring Robert De Nero, Forest Whitaker and "50 cent" one could say they have jumped across all genres successfully.

A prop department could choose to come up with a fake pot option that is visually convincing, but perhaps the implied costs of research and development would be far greater than buying legal, easily available buds from International Oddities.

There are other reasons that the film industry turns to International Oddities for their "stunt" buds as well. Among the most notable is that International Oddities pioneered the exotic smokes market in America over 30 years ago. They were the first major force in the market and may well prove to be the last, as most businesses involved in this highly competitive market are short-lived.

Longevity implies dependability. If a movie industry team finds a good source of supplies that are dependable, inexpensive and convincing, they don't want to have to shop around again for this "legal herb" on their next movie. Besides, it is the actual smoking experience gleaned from an authentic International Oddities smoke that sets them apart from the rest. Consequently, the longest running company in the business has a distinct advantage.

So, where might you have seen an International Oddities product in the movies or on TV? Even a modest list includes such greats as "Crash," "Knocked Up," "True Blood," "The Wackness" "Pineapple Express," "High School," "Leaves of Grass," "C.S.I.," and the list goes on and on.

The special guest appearances of International Oddities products aren’t over yet. They mention it has been a very busy year with a multitude of strange and varied requests that they are all too happy to fulfill.

High praise indeed.

With this celebratory 7th straight year of good luck do they intend on more of the same? Spokesman Bill Black says "Demand has continued to steadily increased and the company will continue to happily accommodate those who have helped us rise to where we are today."

International Oddities has provided the discriminating smoker with exotic, safe, and legal alternatives to traditional smoking products for nearly three decades. Their long-standing status in what was once a collection of counter-cultures has grown to reach the mainstream. Today, I.O. legal herbal bud products can be found online and in smoke shops and gift stores across the United States.

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