Escape From America...How to, Why to and Where to, Escapeartist's Traffic is Skyrocketing Due to the Recent Economic Collapse

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In the current light of the economic condition of the United States, more people than ever are considering relocation to foreign lands that promise a better quality of life. Escapeartist, the #1 website in the world for international living provides information for expatriates who are looking for pathless traveled destinations. Escapeartist recently climbed into the top 1% in the world for internet traffic according to Quantcast.


No one will ever discover new oceans if they are not willing to lose sight of the shore, and I am not only an authority on exploring new countries, I have lived my Escapeartist dreams so others would have the courage to do the same.

Tired of the gloom and doom of America? Thousands of Americans every month are looking for a way to ‘Escape from America.’ The economy appears to be listing like the Titanic, public sentiments are waning and emerging growth countries are rebounding despite the financial calamity of the most bankrupt corporation in the world, the United States of America.

The dream of venturing into new lands that offer promises of inexpensive real estate, a better quality of life and real freedom is very much alive. For the last decade, countries like Costa Rica, Panama, Argentina, Belize and Brazil have ridden the wave of expatriation and have benefited from the foreign direct investment that accompanies each new immigrant.

Fourteen years ago, Roger Gallo, the earliest web-prenuer of expatriation, founded Escapeartist on the premise that one day Americans would get fed up with the policies and political games of the American government and start checking out enmasse. Today, the prophecy of Mr. Gallo is now providing frustrated Americans with Option B and a way for people around the world to realize their own ‘Escapeartist Dream.’

Mr. Gallo states that, “No one will ever discover new oceans if they are not willing to lose sight of the shore, and I am not only an authority on exploring new countries, I have lived my Escapeartist dreams so others would have the courage to do the same.”

Escapeartist has established itself as the authority on living, working, investing and retiring overseas. Mr. Gallo’s commentaries and articles exhibit a writing style, laced with an honest but sarcastic candor and an intuitiveness that has attracted a loyal reader base of 395,000 ezine subscribers and monthly traffic approaching 2,000,000 unique visitors.

Where will America be when the national debt breaks $20 trillion? Now may be the best time to check out of the US and realize the Escapeartist Dream? With the internet people can work anywhere in the world and Escapeartist has proof that people are doing it successfully. Escapeartist's analytics show that people around the world spend hours on this website with one goal, and that is to find an oasis free from taxes, government oppression and quality of living that for most is a fantasy.

Great responsibility comes with expatriating and one must become familiar with the customs and laws of a new country. People who have immigrated to new countries say that the first year is the most exciting and the most challenging. It truly takes a lot of courage to pick up and move from the familiarity of the good ole USA, but those who have done it rarely return.

Living, working, investing and retiring internationally is a dream for most, but with Escapeartist, readers have a much clearer map for their journey. One word of caution, make sure to have a way of supporting the new expatriate lifestyle because often one of the requirements to immigrating to a new land is being able to prove that one has the wherewithal to support oneself.

General economic statistics show that "the land of opportunity" is overrated and quality of life in the United States is eroding rapidly, health care costs are skyrocketing; general wages have been cut by one third, bankruptcy statistics are in the double digits, Americans 401ks have been turned into 38ks, and finally, the US Treasury is printing monopoly money that is sure to ignite hyper inflation like a California wildfire.

“You simply do not have to be part of the 'American Nightmare' anymore, the land of the free, simply isn’t free anymore. With $9 Trillion in debt and 50% of Americans taxes going to service the interest on the debt, two realities are on the horizon for many generations to come; higher taxes and a lesser quality of life. Ask most people if they had a passive income of $100,000 per year whether they would they live in the US. Their answer might surprise you.” – Roger Gallo, Founder of

This robust website provides a ray of sunshine and way out, and more are taking that ‘way out’ than you will ever be told by mainstream US media. Escapeartist readers can pick where they want to live, they can find a web or home based business to support their new expatriate lifestyle and, they can even become a Strategic Media Partner and advertise their new internet or home base business.

Looks like the Escapeartist Dream can actually become more of an Escapeartist Reality!


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