Young Entrepreneur Uses Creativity to Raise Venture Capital

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Jonathan Gregory, a 23-year old entrepreneur and Internet marketing guru, recently launched a marketing campaign that will attempt to raise $10,000 in only 60 days using an unusual approach to raising capital. The creative strategy for the campaign focuses on exchanging “Internet real estate” with businesses and individuals that make donations towards accomplishing the goal of $10,000 via Kickstarter, the world’s largest funding platform for creative projects.

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Gregory has given himself 60 days to raise $10,000 in voluntary donations through

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Gregory has given himself only 60 days to raise $10,000 in voluntary donations through Kickstarter, using only Internet marketing techniques and careful Google AdWords campaign management to spread the news of the campaign and help attract new donations. When asked why he decided to follow through with such an unconventional campaign, Gregory simply stated, “I wanted to try something different. I’m always seeking new challenges for both myself and my agency.”

Gregory started the innovative fundraising campaign on March 7, 2012 and pledged to devote the following months to publicizing and achieving the goal of raising $10,000 in voluntary donations in only 60 days. “The concept we’re applying is simple,” Gregory states, “a donation buys a portion of our website, The Visual Media Directory Project, and allows you to post a business logo, photo or message that links back to a desired website. Businesses benefit from the sheer amount of impressions and clicks their image will receive over the lifespan of the project. The high return on investment typically justifies the small donation expense.“ When asked to elaborate on the duration of the project, Gregory mentioned that there was no foreseeable conclusion to the hosting of the website itself and that he and his Internet advertising agency, The Third Agency, plan on keeping the website online for a minimum of 50 years, with hopes of accumulating hundreds of thousands of impressions for the businesses and individuals that made significant donations to the fundraising project.

“Although the deadline for achieving the goal is set at the end of 60 days, we will continue to market and promote the website for months, if not years, after the project deadline has passed,” Gregory continued, “the primary goal of the project is to add significant value to the companies and individuals that take time out of their days to make generous donations, actively participate in online communities and invest in their future.

This project will generate quite a bit of attention over the course of a few years. Businesses considering donating to the project will need to ‘have a vision’ of the long-term benefits this project will provide. Companies that donate can also expect to receive additional future benefits in the form of Internet marketing discounts and exclusive offers on AdWords management and consulting services through The Third Agency. It’s win-win from a business perspective, especially if a company has a large marketing budget. The fundraising project merely acts as a way for our agency to find and give back to the people and businesses that are involved in online communities. We're really trying to give the smaller businesses out there a shot at some big exposure.”

Currently, portions of the Visual Media Directory Project ( are being sold on Kickstarter for between $100 and $150, depending on the size of the portion of the site that is being purchased. When compared to traditional advertising and marketing costs, the long-term results that a business can expect to see from being involved with a creative project like this are phenomenal and achieved at a fraction of the typical cost of Internet marketing. Not only do the businesses benefit from the additional traffic the website will generate, they also can opt to receive a link to their website from a page that has a high probability of becoming an authoritative site in the future, due to its close relationship with The Third Agency, which can lead to improved online visibility and increased search engine rankings for the websites owned by those who donated to the project. More information on the project and how to give a donation can be found on the official Kickstarter page for the project located here: The Visual Media Directory Project - Kickstarter

Jonathan Gregory is the owner and President of The Third Agency, an international, award-winning Internet marketing agency that specializes in professional Google AdWords campaign management, advertising campaign development and AdWords consulting services, (

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