Intervention Company Comments on the Recent death of Michael Jackson

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Intervention Services and Technologies, Inc. Founder explains his opinion as to the real reason for Michael Jackson’s death

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Many people are now asking the question ‘why is Michael Jackson dead?’

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Intervention Services and Technologies, Inc, a nationwide drug and alcohol intervention service provider located just 20 miles away from the birthplace of Michael Jackson, has released a statement in regards to the recent death of the pop idol.

Says the founder, David S. Lee:

“Many people are now asking the question ‘why is Michael Jackson dead?’ Many are quick to blame the doctors, his associates or even the celebrity lifestyle. However, it is important to understand the real reason that Michael Jackson is gone.

I have personally seen the worst of what can happen when people decide to wait. We speak with hundreds of family members each month and the story is usually the same. ‘Our loved one is addicted to drugs and won’t stop. How can we help him? How can we save him?’ Interestingly enough, almost 90% of people who are addicted to drugs or alcohol and have an intervention performed on them willingly agree to treatment. However less than 10% of families that we speak to decide to conduct an intervention. They have the concern, the need and the means for an intervention…and yet they wait. The question is why.

There are often many people that surround someone addicted to drugs. Sometimes there is a mother who feels the guilt that maybe somehow they are responsible, or a sibling who cares but is tired of the problem, maybe a father who wants to fix the problem themselves. Everyone wants the problem to go away, but few are on the same page as to how to go about it. They are stuck between hope and fear. Stuck between the false hope that maybe tomorrow things will change and the fear that if they push the issue maybe they will lose the tenuous connection they have with their loved one. They are unwilling to temporarily hurt their loved one in order to help them. Again, the question is why do they not conduct an intervention?

In order to understand the answer to these questions, we must first understand the substance abuser. Often times we focus on the substances as the problem. If only they would quit using drugs their problems would go away, we think. But, in actuality, the substances are but a symptom of an underlying problem. To understand the underlying problem, we need to reframe addiction. A substance abuser isn’t addicted to substances so much as he as addicted to seeking pleasure and avoiding uncomfortable feelings, things and situations. The substances are just one of many means to accomplish this. He tells himself and others he is going to quit using tomorrow to feel better today. He puts the uncomfortable pile of bills in the ‘I’ll pay them later’ pile, or has someone else deal with them instead. He draws into his life people that won’t confront him so harshly. He finds a doctor that will give him the ‘medicine’ that he needs. He shifts the blame onto others. He drinks or uses drugs. It becomes a life consumed with ‘What can I say or do to feel better right now?’

In addition to developing unhealthy skills to make uncomfortable feelings go away, a substance abuser will, over time, create a system around him that is an extension of his addiction...this addiction of comfort. He will change those that are closest to him to best serve his addiction, and those that won’t enable, he pushes away.

Our heart goes out to the Jackson family, for now comes the process of reflection and grief. Why didn’t we do something? Who is to blame? Why did this happen?

Why do over 90% of substance abusers that we intervene on willingly agree to go to treatment, and yet less than 10% of families decide to do an intervention?

Because the addict has taught them and those around him not to intervene.”

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About Intervention Services and Technologies, Inc.:
Intervention Services and Technologies, Inc. is a nationwide drug and alcohol intervention service provider that conducts family based interventions for those connected with a substance abuser who is unwilling to face their problems in a healthy manner.

David S. Lee, CCDC, Founder
Intervention Services and Technologies, Inc.
(877) 478-4621


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