New Website for The Safety Line System Designed to Improve Hospital Patient Safety and Reduce Tragic Medical Errors Made Through the Intravenous Route

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Dedicated to reducing costly medical errors and improving Intravenous drug administration safety, The Safety Line System™ will dramatically help protect patients and hospitals from adverse drug events. Currently all IV lines used in hospitals are clear and indistinguishable from each other. This makes it difficult to differentiate each line from the next. The Safety Line System provides the solution to this problem.

Safety Line System - Tinted Intravenous Lines

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The Safety Line System website has been redesigned to educate Nurses, Doctors and Hospitals to learn how Color Coded IV Line sets will save countless lives and billions of dollars.

Currently all IV lines used in hospitals are clear and indistinguishable from each other. This makes it difficult to differentiate each line from the next causing precious moments to be lost and mistakes to be made. Our patented product, Pat. No. US651.456.B1, the Safety Line System™, will provide the solution to this problem. It will provide a means to better organize medication administration, facilitate patient care, and most importantly decrease medication errors. Every facility that administers intravenous medications should utilize the Safety Line System™ since no one can have too many safety devices that help avert tragic yet avoidable medical tragedies.

The Safety Line System™ reduces hospital's risk and liability exposure to tragic, yet avoidable medical mistakes. Statistics show that over 770,000 patients are injured every year because of medication errors. Over 50% of medication errors are made via the intravenous route. Utilizing our patented color tinted IV lines will make it easier for the nursing team to safely identify and administer multiple medications, reducing costly medical errors.

With the hospitalized patient being sicker than ever before, and the wide variety and large number of medications being used, the likelihood of a medication error is increasing. Currently all IV lines are clear, whether it contains a potent and potentially lethal medication or simply normal saline; the number of IV lines can and do become confusing, tangled, and indistinguishable."

By adding color tinted IV lines for the second, third or more IV lines, the task of distinguishing lines becomes simple, and expedites the procedure. The health care professional can easily trace the line from the patient to the IV bag with the use of a color tinted IV line. The Safety Line System™ standardizes the process of administering IV medications. By using the Safety Line System™, the potential for injecting medication into the wrong line, or hanging a bag onto the wrong line, is eliminated.

IV errors can be fatal because, there are numerous IV drugs that are very high risk drugs with deadly side effects if given inappropriately or in incorrect dosage. In addition speed is an issue, the medication goes directly into the bloodstream and is thus available for rapid effect on the body. This means there is a little margin for a mistake before a tragic adverse drug event occurs to the patient,"

Intravenous (i.v.) medication errors are much more likely to injure patients as medications delivered by other routes of administration (pills or liquids). Many errors can occur in the I.V. medication-use process and effects can be immediate and deadly. Healthcare leaders and experts continue to focus attention on the issue of i.v. safety.

The Hospitals who continue to develop best practices to ensure safe i.v. medication use will be switching to The Safety Line System.


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