Spartadata Launches iPad Kiosk with Secure Credit Card Reader

Share Article a sub-brand of Spartadata aimed to capture the imagination and scalability of those individuals and businesses looking to create their own interactive business kiosk using their iPads. Spartadata designs and develops the enclosure through a patent pending design which includes a built-in magnetic card reader and swiper. This enables a wide range of possibilities far beyond the traditional credit card purpose. The Built-in 3 track reader is PCI Compliant and comes bundled with an SDK which allows any card with a mag stripe to be read and used for any purpose through app integration. In addition to having this capability it also support the iPad 2 and 3 front facing camera for a second purpose beyond simply taking pictures. This camera can be used to capture and read bar codes, face recognition and much more via various open source libraries. Developers make the kiosk a complete solution through software. We aim to help make the best and most complete business kiosk based on the iPad Platform.

Engage your customers and expand upon your business through interactive retail by converting your iPad into a real Business Kiosk.

With the growing demand for smaller, sleeker and more powerful platforms, the iPad has proven to be an excellent entry level kiosk through the innovative patent pending enclosure developed by Spartadata. These are not your typical plastic bezel ipad kiosks instead these are made of high grade solid billet Aluminum alloy, Precision machined for a perfect premium finish, and coated with the best color treatment available with chemical anodization which also strengthens the aluminum while adding a beautify high end premium finish.

Having pioneered the first ipad kiosk with integrated card reader enclosure back in early 2011 Spartadata is not new to this market. With a growing portfolio of tablet kiosk design patents this new design introduces a new concept to what has already been copied by many, Modularity and Expandability on one platform.

Our unique approach to this ipad kiosk design was to redo everything from the ground up, including the process in which defines the overall build quality. As with any premium quality product we chose to go with the most expensive process, materials and finishes to ensure that the product we sell is not only superior but more affordable then the rest considering all the options and extras that go with each unit. Our packaging is also premium and custom designed to house the enclosure in special protective padding.

The ipad kiosk is a true marvel of a kiosk when combined with an equally engaging app. At the end the app is what defines the ipad kiosk experience and this is what Spartadata does best. We leverage our deep knowledge base of payment acceptance through our freely distributed SDK. Developers can easily build direct card reader integration and workflows unique to their app and instantly begin accepting card present transactions. This is just the beginning, the reader can also read loyalty cards, id cards, gift cards, just about anything with a mag stripe on it. There is no requirement to use any particular payment processor or gateway. The customer is free to integrate to any platform and or gateway. Our SDK even includes a sample app, source code and documentation and this is all free.

We have various modulated add-ons on queue for release in the coming weeks, including Chip-n-pin card reader, 2D Laser Bar Code Reader and many more. The iPad Kiosk comes standard with or without the card swiper which allows the customer an easy way to upgrade to whatever module he/she needs at any time.

For those customers looking to use the ipad kiosk as a point of sale terminal we have an app called "Billing Kiosk" which does just that. There are dozens of other cool apps developed by 3rd party developers that also enhance the platform by allowing websites to be full screen and block url access and more. We work with many providers and developers to ensure our product helps bring awareness to all these innovative efforts that make an ipad kiosk possible.

Pricing and availability starts at $299 for the standard kiosk enclosure and $399 for the swiper enabled model. Stands and mounts are also sold as options and can be configured in various unique finishes including Gold, Silver and Stealth Black. Custom orders and branding is also available upon request. Units are available for order immediately, online at:

About iPadKiosk offers a resourceful overview showcasing the expandability and flexibility of the iPad Kiosk Platform. Users can interact and view different finishes and securely order their custom configuration online.

About Spartadata

Located in Homestead Florida, Spartadata LLC is a merchant services company that architects, designs, develops and manufactures hardware to meet the needs of merchants and businesses worldwide. As a parent company to, Spartadata seeks to develop unique solutions to address the needs of common problems and shortcomings of older and more expensive technologies.

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