IPCheckpoint, a New Contender in Website Monitoring

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IPCheckpoint (http://www.ipcheckpoint.com) announced today their website monitoring, reporting and alerting service. IPCheckpoint allows customers to understand exactly how their website is performing from their customers' perspective. They plan to differentiate themselves by providing an extremely feature rich solution at a very competitive price.

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We want our customers to have a competitive online advantage.

    "We like to think of our monitoring servers as e-mystery users across the internet. Just like real users, performing real transactions, evaluating website performance, testing integration with third party services like payment gateways and so on. They can also test email, FTP and other online services." Wayne Toddun, CEO, IPCheckpoint. IPCheckpoint immediately informs customers of downtime or lack of performance, via SMS, pager or email.

"But it's not just about being reactive," says Wayne. Continuous improvement begins with measurement, and IPCheckpoint allows testing, benchmarking, reporting and optimization over the longer term, which in turn will enhance online user experience, and allow delivery of a superior overall online solution. "We want our customers to have a competitive online advantage."

"We are so confident of our capability we give our service away for free for 30 days. Not a cut down version or less frequent polling, the full service. We also give free expert assistance during the trial, a real person to help with setting up IPCheckpoint which is especially useful for setting up more complex synthetic transactions. We want our customers to make the most of their free trial so they can understand the value of our service.

"I believe this is a young and developing market, the reason being, that in our experience the majority of companies still monitor their websites and web applications from inside their own network. In fact usually different teams monitor different components of the overall solution with separate management systems. Although it seems completely obvious that monitoring and reporting should occur from outside the network, from the user's perspective, it's usually not the case. Even when each of the teams -- network, web-server, application server, and database -- have their own internal SLAs or KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) diligently reported to management, all that matters at the end of the day is your actual customer's experience. We've been asked to provide expensive audits for companies in exactly this situation, where each of the teams report they are running at peak performance, but customers are unhappy with their online experience.

"One of the reasons medium sized and smaller companies haven't deployed this type of solution until now is because it's been simply too expensive. That's why we've introduced a disruptive pricing model that makes using our service an absolute no-brainer. We don't want external website monitoring to be an expensive, boutique service for large corporations only. We want to make it available to any size business, so our monthly minimum is only $9.95 and for that you could monitor up to 10 URLs." Wayne Toddun

IPCheckpoint performed a soft launch to a wide range of customers earlier in the year in order to thoroughly test their solution before making it widely available to the market. One of the customers that have extensively used IPCheckpoint is UNX, Inc., an agency brokerage firm providing advanced trade execution services to institutional investors. Prior to using IPCheckpoint they had been using a competitors' product. "We've found IPCheckpoint to be technically superior, and visually they are strides ahead of our previous solution. Not only does my team prefer it but it costs a fraction of what we were spending. In fact what used to cost me a couple of thousand dollars a month is now costing me a couple of hundred dollars a month - for an improved solution." Dennis Paulsen, Vice President, Information Technology. UNX, Inc.

In addition to direct sales IPCheckpoint are investing heavily in a sales partner program. They are actively looking for sales partners right now. "I believe we have a fantastic message and the fastest way to get that message out to the largest audience in the shortest timeframe is to leverage off organizations with an existing customer base." Wayne Toddun

For further information about IPCheckpoint, visit the IPCheckpoint website at http://www.ipcheckpoint.com.

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