Securranty Offers Consumers a Guide on Shopping for Insurance for iPhones, iPads and Other Smart Devices

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With expensive Smartphones and tablets becoming an important part of the consumer’s life, is insurance for iPhones, iPads & Androids a good idea?

Consumer Guide to iPhone & iPad Insurance & Warranty
According to Alex Davidson, industry expert and Chief Executive of Securranty, “Consumer experience has not been very positive...we are offering customers an opportunity to save up to 70 percent instantly by transferring existing coverage to Securranty

Many people, including Consumer Reports, suggest that insurance or extended warranties from cell phone carriers simply do not make a sensible buy. A majority of the cell phone carriers offer consumers insurance services for about $6.99 to $11.99 a month with deductibles ranging from $135 to $200. Some of these coverage plans exceed the customers’ cost of replacing the device themselves, especially when adding monthly premiums paid with the deductible amount, if a claim had to be filed. Securranty, a leading warranty provider online, recommends that customers consider the following five factors when shopping for Extended Warranty and Insurance for iPhone, iPad, Android, and/or Blackberry smart phone and tablets.

(1) Extended Warranty, Accidental Damage & Handling, and Loss & Theft: What do they all mean?

An Extended Warranty sometimes called a service agreement, a service contract, or a maintenance agreement, is warranty offered to consumers to extend coverage beyond the initial manufacturer warranty period. While extended warranties protect mechanical and electrical defects, Accidental Damage & Handling (ADH) coverage provides an additional layer of protection for physical damage to the product as a result of drops and spills. Loss & Theft (LT) coverage for smart phones is exactly what it sounds like, it provides customers with a replacement should the device be lost or stolen.

(2) The Benefits of Accidental Damage and Loss & Theft Coverage

With the advent of Smartphones and tablets that are smaller and smaller in size, easy to drop or lose, expensive to repair or replace, Accidental Damage & Handling (ADH) coverage is highly recommended when shopping for warranty or insurance coverage. Manufacturer's warranty do not protect you against damage to a product from drops and spills. With 56 percent of consumers misplacing their cell phones at least once a month, Loss & Theft (LT) coverage is definitely an important consideration when making a purchase. Some of the online warranty providers online and major consumer electronic stores do not sell Loss & Theft coverage. Securranty provides the most comprehensive coverage for two years that includes Extended Warranty and Accidental Damage & Handling and Loss & Theft coverage for only $99.

(3) Low Monthly Premiums Are Enticing; Beware of High Deductibles

The most important consideration is what the coverage is actually costing you. Currently, mobile phone carriers entice customers with low monthly premiums, ranging from $6 to $12 without full disclosure of coverage and the high deductible. Many consumers in the past have been surprised with a deductible of up to $200 when filing a claim. The monthly premiums add up to about $288 for two years of coverage plus up to $200 for the deductible for a smart phone for a total out of pocket cost of about $488 to insure a smart phone. A major consumer electronic store sells insurance for smart phones with a premium of $14.99 per month, which adds up to $359.76 over two years, and they do not even protect the customer against Loss & Theft or Full Immersion. Securranty not only provides the most comprehensive coverage, but they even go so far as to offer an option of low monthly payments without any interest or credit check to make the purchase affordable.

(4) The Devil Is In The Details

Even in a regulated warranty and insurance industry, warranty providers do not provide full disclosure of what is covered or more importantly, what is not covered. For example,one of the online provider's does not even protect you against mechanical, functional or electrical failures. Recognizing that a smart device is a computer that can have mechanical issues, wear and tear on parts or electrical failure that may result in device becoming inoperable, the Extended Warranty can be a valuable coverage to have. Mechanical issues may cost over $100 to repair. Securranty’s Get Smart page provides more information about the factors to consider when purchasing a warranty. It also has handy comparison charts of providers and product types to save time researching. The Get Smart Page guides you with the Extended Warranty purchase.

(5) What They Want To Sell vs. What The Buyer Really Needs

Many extended warranty providers in the industry tend to sell only the coverage they want to sell, without allowing the consumer to decide on the type, amount, and terms of coverage actually necessary. For example, some providers offer coverage on a product for only 3 years or 5 years. What if you felt there was a need to buy only 2 years of coverage? Securranty scores well in this area by providing options for protection of iPhone, iPad and other smart devices that are not offered by other warranty and insurance providers. It’s an overall smarter choice!

According to Alex Davidson, industry expert and Chief Executive of Securranty, “Consumer experience has not been very positive in our industry because many warranty providers entice customers into low monthly premium coverage options without the full disclosure of what is covered or not covered, then surprise them with a high deductible. In our effort to change the consumer experience in this industry, we are offering customers an opportunity to save up to 70 percent instantly by transferring their existing coverage to Securranty in less than a minute.”

About Securranty:
Securranty is a leading provider of extended warranty services for a number of electronic devices including Smartphones, tablets, computers, televisions, home appliances, commercial equipment and other consumer electronics. The Extended Warranty programs are backed by industry experts specializing in the warranty business. Securranty has established nationwide service capabilities by creating the largest field service team in the industry, as well as a network of smaller more specialized providers. At the heart of Securranty’s service model is the state-of-the-art call center, located in Southwest Wisconsin, in a community called Cuba City, staffed 24-hours/7 days-a-week by United States citizens. The help desk is staffed by highly trained specialists to assist with any questions or claims in English, French and Spanish, providing excellent service across the USA and Canada.


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