Suntactics sCharger-5 Solar Charger Impresses Forbes New Product Editor in Recent Review of Hiking Equipment Made in America

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Customers Can Count on the Suntactic’s Charger-5 Solar Charger and it's Ability to Keep their Devices Charged and Running where there is no Electricity.

This solar charger runs and charges your device

The sCharger-5 solar charging the iPhone

The simplest device I tried: the Suntactics sCharger-5

Jon Bruner, Forbes New Product Editor, spent last summer preparing for and then enjoying a rather unusual reporting assignment: a trip to the bottom of the Grand Canyon, on foot, followed by a black-tie dinner next to a remote waterfall. He evaluated several GPS Receivers and Solar Chargers, including the Suntactics solar charger, as part of his trip. He reported his conclusions in a December 15th article entitled “Neat Stuff for the Outdoor Type: Hiking Equipment Made in America, GPS Receivers and Solar Chargers”.

“Most practical, portable solar panels don’t produce enough electricity to power your devices as you use them. The main drawback of the GoalZero system is that it’s not terribly compact and involves a few separate components, which can make for trouble when you’ve got a full pack. Some alternatives merge all of these components into a single device, like Brunton’s Restore or the Joos Orange, both of which are bulkier panels that include a battery within their casing.”

“The simplest device I tried: the Suntactics sCharger-5, a solar panel without any kind of battery that opens like a book and provides a simple UBS port for charging phones and other small devices (so you’ll probably be able to charge your phone using the same cord that’s already part of your wall charger). It’s incredibly light and durably built (in the United States, no less), and it charged my phone in a couple of hours in direct sunlight on the roof of the Forbes building.”

Dean Sala, Suntactics CEO, said he was pleased with Jon’s independent review. “It confirmed what our customers have been telling us about their need for a powerful solar charger like the sCharger-5 that provides both instant usage and charging from a highly reliable powerful solar charger that is simple to use, compact, durable and hassle free". “And they want it done it in a truly environmentally responsible way with a product made is the USA that is designed for long-term value and not obsolesce.”

About Suntactics
Suntactics focuses on portable solar and off grid solar energy products. Their current product is a unique 5-watt handheld solar charger called the sCharger-5. This compact high power and durable solar power supply is being used by customers for a wide range of portable devices. Its simplicity in design makes it hassle-free and easy to use, just plug in your device and it starts charging instantly. The units are manufactured locally at Fastrak, a veteran owned contract manufacturer. Suntactics is located in San Jose, CA. For more information please visit


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