Airlines Find Power For A New Century of In-Flight Entertainment With GeekPod 100 From Battery Geek Inc.

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GeekPod 100, the new extended life battery from Battery Geek, Inc., is uniquely positioned to help airlines effectively meet consumer demand for in-flight electronics power without creating a surge in bottom line cost

A new extended-life battery is giving airlines the power to provide greater customer satisfaction without putting an additional strain on their bottom line. The GeekPod 100 from Battery Geek Inc. allows airline travelers to enjoy an additional 100 hours of audio run time and an additional 12 hours of video run time on their iPods.

According to Jack Evans of Air Transport Association, "Airlines are trying to differentiate their services. Some do it by the type of in-flight entertainment they offer; some do it by meal plans." However, the real differentiation may be “the airline that allows travelers to power up their electronic devices,” says Sean M. Murray, founder and CEO of Battery Geek Inc.

Airborne Electronics

“Consumers are rejecting a one-size-fits-all model for in-flight entertainment,” explains ‘power broker’ Murray. “They’re used to customizing their entertainment at home and they want the same flexibility while they’re in the air.”

The problem says Murray, is that few consumers are aware until it's too late that the internal batteries in their portable devices have a very short charge. “Built-in batteries may provide less than two hours of play time,” he reports. “That’s not even enough time to watch the average movie.”

“The GeekPod 100 makes it easy for airlines to let travelers enjoy their choice of music and entertainment on flights lasting 1 hour or 10 hours.” The GeekPod extends audio play by over 100 hours and video run time by as much as over 12 hours beyond the internal iPod battery.

Unlike in-flight movies that require distribution of headsets, dimming the cabin, and collecting fees, airline-provided GeekPods would be “completely self-contained and self-sufficient,” says Murray. “And that makes them even more user-friendly, from both the passenger and the airline’s perspective.”

Equally ‘friendly’ for use in the air is Battery Geek’s portable DVD player battery that “adds up to 14 hours of viewing time to the device’s internal battery.” A major European-based carrier has already ordered over 400 of the model BG 9-12-130 DVD battery. “It will be the best ‘powered’ fleet in the air from a passenger’s perspective,” says Murray.

GeekPod Science

The GeekPod is a high density lithium-ion external iPod battery pack and smaller than the size of a deck of cards. It is compatible with all the latest 30GB and 60GB iPod video models, as well as the 2GB and 4GB iPod nano devices.

“The GeekPod is even powerful enough to provide juice for Smartphones, PDAs and cell phones,” says Murray, who notes that offers an optional mobile tips pack for use with other devices such as the newest Motorola Q and Blackberry Smartphones as well as the Motorola RAZR.

The GeekPod 100 is one of many ‘next century’ power options offered at For additional information The GeekPod 100 and the entire product line from Battery Geek, visit

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