Professional iPod Classic Battery Replacement Services Announced

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You can now get your iPod classic battery replaced by a qualified technician at with a new battery that is guaranteed for ten years.

iPod Classic Battery

The leader in iPod repairs, Milliamp LTD, which runs the eCommerce site and has been successfully replacing iPod batteries and iPhone batteries for more than three years, has just announced a new iPod classic battery replacement service.

The iPod classic, also known as the sixth-generation iPod, is sealed up super-tight and is hard for the average person to open, unlike the iPod Video that precedes it, and earlier models before that. Why Apple designed the iPod classic battery to be less inaccessible then previous models is a matter of strong debate, and unfortunately prevents the do-it-yourselfer from being able to repair the player on their own.

Fortunately, the team at has experienced personnel with specialized tools that can open your sixth generation iPod and replace the battery inside with a brand new one that is guaranteed for ten years. If you send your iPod classic to Apple, they could send you a refurbished iPod classic back. What's more, the new battery that Apple would install is only covered for just 90 days, according to their own website.

"We are very proud of our same-day iPod classic battery replacement services.", said Anthony Magnabosco, the owner of the site Most other ipod battery replacement companies do not even support the iPod classic, because of the difficulty in opening them up. And even if they do, very few can do it as quickly and in a way that you would never even know that it had been opened in the first place.

The iPod classic comes with either an 80GB or 160GB hard drive, and may either have a silver or black brushed aluminum front and a silver metal backing. Because the size of the iPod classic batteries vary between these two different types, you want to make sure you select the right service from their website, depending on which hard drive you have inside your Gen 6 iPod. The reason for this: the battery that goes inside the 160GB iPod classic is physically larger than the battery that goes inside of the 80GB iPod classic, and there is not enough space inside the smaller-capacity classic to accommodate the bigger battery.

And don't even think of getting the thinner 80GB iPod classic battery for the 160GB iPod classic - the larger-capacity iPod classic needs the extra power to spin the bigger hard drive, and the smaller battery just isn't made to replace its' bigger brother.

Fortunately, the price of both iPod classic batteries are the same, so if you happen to order the wrong one, the people at Milliamp LTD will quickly notice the error and install the right one.

Milliamp LTD specializes in repairing iPods and iPhones. More information can be found at
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