Records For Living, Inc. Releases HealthFrameTM 2.1 -- The Family Health Organizer

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HealthFrame 2.1 is the only commercially available personal health record to support iPod connectivity. This release also introduces support for extensible reporting and web-enabled health services. Your Health Records, Under Your Control, Always Accessible, Anywhere, Anytime.

Consumers can now use their iPods to transport personal medical information that could save their lives

Records For Living, Inc. is announcing the availability of HealthFrameTM 2.1, a consumer-controlled personal health record management system and service portal.

iPod: Tuned In To Your Health

"Your health records, under your control -- accessible anywhere, at anytime: that's what HealthFrame™ 2.1 delivers," says Simone Pringle, President and Founder of Records for Living, Inc., which developed HealthFrame™ 2.1.

In fact, one of the most exciting new features of HealthFrameTM 2.1 is its ability to synchronize to an iPod, the popular MP3 and video player – with sixty-eight million iPods in use today.

"Consumers can now use their iPods to transport personal medical information that could save their lives," says Pringle. "With the click of a button, HealthFrame™ 2.1 users can transfer to their iPods emergency contact information, provider and medication lists, known allergies, and other pertinent health-related information." She adds that the iPod's storage capabilities exceed what is required for most health records, even including images and other attachments.

Pringle notes that clinicians are likely to embrace iPod-stored health records -- more than other removable devices, such as USB drives -- for several reasons:

  • Many doctors are familiar with the iPod's wheel interface and do not require special training to browse the patient's record.
  • There is no need to install or launch any software programs – doctors can view the patient's information directly from the iPod's screen.
  • Providers need not fear infecting their computer systems with viruses since the personal health record does not need to be downloaded.

The iPod is an excellent tool that can be used to inexpensively enhance continuity of care, particularly in emergency situations. For example, many teens, some of whom suffer from chronic conditions or life-threatening allergies, already carry their iPods with them at all times. Having key emergency information loaded onto their iPods provides a non-intrusive way of enhancing their health safety.

"The use of iPods to transport patient health records is a cutting-edge technology that can have significant clinical quality and efficiency benefits," says David C. Kibbe, MD MBA, Senior Advisor of the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) Center for Health Information Technology. "This is a low-cost, user-friendly way to expand the use of personal health records among both clinicians and patients."

HealthFrame™ 2.1 Features

HealthFrameTM 2.1 supports all aspects of health and wellness management by allowing consumers to track their health status, care records and expenses; access medical reference and decision support information; and consolidate all information related to their medical treatment.

In addition to iPod connectivity, other enhancements to HealthFrame™ 2.1 include:

  • Synchronization to other mobile devices. HealthFrame™ 2.1 also synchronizes with other mobile devices such as USB removable drives and cell phones.
  • Extensible reporting framework. This enhancement supports the addition of new reports, including standardized reports produced by medical organizations.
  • Individualized health and wellness web services. Users can access relevant health risk assessments, preventive care recommendations, and other web-based tools.
  • Plug-in framework. The plug-in framework supports conversions from various input formats, such as medical devices and claims forms; converted content can in turn be merged into the patient's medical record.
  • Selective filtering. Filtering of exported medical record information allows patients better control over the exchange of their medical information.
  • Enhanced customization support. HealthFrameTM 2.1 can be customized based on patient needs in order to maximize its usefulness.

HealthFrame™ 2.1 Interoperability

Key to HealthFrame™ 2.1's success is its ability to provide powerful integration and interoperability services and tools that facilitate the sharing of medical information.

"HealthFrame™ 2.1 is loaded with interoperability features that allow our users unmatched abilities to use their health records in any way that best fits their individual needs and circumstances," Pringle notes.

HealthFrameTM 2.1 supports the Continuity of Care Record (CCR) industry standard, which enables clinicians and patients to exchange medical records more easily. Developed by American Society for Testing and Materials International (ASTM) and backed by the AAFP, the CCR incorporates the most relevant administrative, demographic, and clinical information about a patient's health.

"Records For Living has been extremely innovative in the use of health care standards, such as the ASTM Continuity of Care Record (CCR) to support data interoperability," states Richard Peters, MD, Chair of the ASTM E31 Healthcare Informatics.

Dr. Peter adds, "In addition their contribution and development work on a new web services and decision support standard, OpenHealth Services, with ASTM E31 is greatly appreciated. Standards-based web services and data interoperability, supported by Records For Living's HealthFrame 2.1 and the freely distributed HealthFrame Viewer, will have a strong positive impact on health care quality and patient safety - a key role for Personal Health Records."


HealthFrame TM 2.1 may be purchased from starting at $39.95.

About Records For Living, Inc.

Records For Living, Inc. has released HealthFrameTM as an innovative solution to personal health management. Records For Living, Inc. also provides professional services to our health care provider partners to support the improved exchange of medical record information between providers and patients.

Records For Living, Inc. may be reached on the World Wide Web at Visit HealthFrame™'s User Community Forum at


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