A Two Year IQ Research by GetIQ & Ph.D. Maslow, has found Remarkable Facts about World IQ Rank

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A IQ Research by Creafire Ltd has Ranked top Ten Countries with the highest IQ score which is Hong Kong, South Korea , Japan...... The Research has been taken by over 36 Countries who participated by taking IQ Test.

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The research was done by testing over 2,000,000 people from 36 countries of four continents within one and a half year. World most ranked country with IQ level is Hong Kong with 107 points, the worst IQ rank has Barbados with 68 points out of 161.

IQ is a measure of different components of intelligence as measured on a standardized test so arranged that exactly half of the people taking it score 100 (the 50-the percentile). When the IQ test is given to many people the distribution of scores resembles a bell curve, with intellectually gifted people falling on the curve's right side and their less fortunate counterparts on the left.

Amazing, but date of birth could affect human IQ either! If you are born in the last three months of the year, your IQ could be a victim of school policies. Schools usually have a cutoff dates; if you are born after one, you have to wait a year to start kindergarten. Likewise, schools also require attendance until kids are 16 or 17. But 16-year-old dropouts born after the cutoff dates get a year less of schooling than 16-year-olds born before it. And researchers have shown that each year of schooling is good for about 3.5 IQ points. So even though kids born in the last three months of the year have the same intellectual potential, school rules can come back to bite them harder than their peers if they drop out.

Other factors that could have an impact on your IQ level is the things you put in your mouth. The study of 4,000,000 students in New York City revealed that school pupils did 14 percent better on IQ tests after preservatives, dyes, and artificial flavors were removed from their lunches. The weakest students benefited the most from healthier food.

After getIQ research, top ten most ranked countries are:

1.Hong Kong 107 points
2.South Korea 106 points
3.Japan 105 points
4.Taiwan 104 points
5.Singapore 103 points
6.Austria 102 points
7.Germany 102 points
8.Italy 102 points
9.Netherlands 102 points
10.Switzerland 101 points

Still, these results are approximate due to permanent evolution and people mix around the world. You are probably "smarter" than your grandfather. At least, as measured by IQ test. If you could turn back time 50 years and take IQ test, more than 90 percent of today's scorers would rate "genius" . Meanwhile, our grandparents' score compared to today's would tend to put them in the lowest bucket. Does this mean we are actually smarter? Not so much. Rather, we have better nutrition, more schooling, better-educated parents, and lifestyles that have been enriched by computers and toys that boost that particular kind of intelligence. In other words, we test better.

More information about the following research and IQ test can be found on GetIQ.co.uk

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