Would Iron Man 2's Robert Downey Jr. Sleep Better on a Memory Foam Mattress?

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While Iron Man's identity isn't a secret now, would a Memory Foam Mattress sooth Tony Stark after a battle with the likes of Whiplash? Now that his true identity has been revealed, everyone wants to get their hands on Iron Man's secrets. Home and Bedroom believes the combination of a Metal Bed and a Mattress with the correct support would assure Robert Downey, Jr. a full night's rest to keep his heroics at the ready.

Iron Man 2

At the end of a long day of protecting his technological secrets, even Tony Stark needs the restful sleep of a Mattress with advanced support.

Would a Memory Foam Mattress Help Iron Man defeat Whiplash? When "Iron Man 2'" debuted on May 7, 2010 Robert Downey will again play the metal-clad superhero, and take on the likes of Mickey Rourke. But at the end of a long day of protecting his technological secrets, even Tony Stark needs the restful sleep of a Mattress with advanced support. Home and Bedroom is celebrating the premier of the return of the Marvel Comic Hero with a 10% sale on it's already discounted line of metal beds, platform beds and plush memory foam mattresses until the end of September.

Trailers for the second in the "Iron Man" trilogy resonate with Robert Downey, Jr. in the title role declaring, "The suit and I are one." The suit of which he speaks is one of full-bodied iron armor and headpiece equipped with an arc reactor. That heavy combination of components makes alter ego Tony Stark's refusal to part company with it a trying ordeal.

Should Iron Man morph back into his human form before retiring for the night, the Home and Bedroom has another great option for the superhero. A metal bed or platform bed from one of company's quality manufacturers provides the perfect way for him to stow his armor for the night yet still have it at his ready disposal should nemesis, Whiplash, make an untimely appearance.

Is there any possiblity of such a suit of Body Armor being produced? One company in Japan, Cyberdyne, is developing the Robot Suit Hybrid Assistive Limb (HAL) exoskeleton. Will this create the opportunity for a real live Super Hero? We hope so.

Whichever incarnation (human or superhero) he happens to lie down as, a memory foam mattress from Home and Bedroom Furniture will provide Iron Man with a comfortably plush foundation on which to rest his weary bones. With body-conforming high-density foam, such as those from Keetsa Mattresses and Simmons Mattresses, conform to every body, full armored or not. And should Pepper Potts, played by Gwyneth Paltrow, finally accept his playboy advances, a memory foam mattress will ensure a romantic and memorable romp in the sack.

In one of the most memorable lines from the first film in the trilogy, Iron Man uttered, "Is it better to be feared or respected? I say, is it too much to ask for both?" Home and Bedroom retorts with its own twist on that rhetorical question: "Is it better to be well rested or heroically prepared? We say, It's not too much to ask for both!"

The online bedroom furniture retailer's sale will continue through the end of June. To take advantage of the sale, just enter the code "iron-man" into the coupon box on every product page until the end of October. To learn how to enjoy an Iron Man-worthy night of restful sleep, and see the company's full line of metal beds, platform beds and memory foam mattresses, visit Home and Bedroom Furniture online at http://www.home-and-bedroom.com/.


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