Act Fast After Receiving IRS Collection Notices to Stop Debilitating Tax Liens

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Tax Resolution Services, Co., encourages taxpayers facing IRS action to take prompt action and get expert tax relief to delay or halt intrusive IRS collection tactics including levies on wages, assets, savings and checking accounts.

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many of these letters can be dealt with simply and painlessly

In this struggling economy, the IRS has made no secret that it intends to aggressively pursue payment of back taxes. Taxpayers who have recently received a tax collection notice; been threatened by the IRS with a tax lien, levy, or seizure; or had an installment agreement denied or terminated, need not panic. However, they need to respond and get expert IRS tax relief quickly.

According to tax resolution expert Michael Rozbruch, while the IRS states that “many of these letters can be dealt with simply and painlessly,” the IRS can also levy a taxpayer’s wages, assets, savings and checking accounts unless the taxpayer takes prompt action.

“Having tax problems is a big issue, but there is a solution to every problem,” said Rozbruch, founder and CEO of Tax Resolution Services, Co. (TRS), the only national certified tax resolution firm in the country. “Our expert team of tax attorneys, CPAs, and Certified Tax Resolution Specialists are well versed in the legal tools that can delay or halt intrusive IRS collection tactics and are skilled at working out payment installment agreements, proving hardship or inability to pay, establishing a ‘currently not collectible’ status for an account, or negotiating a reduced-amount Offer in Compromise tax settlement.”

If there already is an IRS levy or lien on a taxpayer’s accounts or assets, TRS can file an appeal, temporarily forestalling further IRS action and setting the stage for resolution. The sooner taxpayers make the move to get professional and expert tax relief, the closer they will be to getting back their lives—and peace of mind.

“My Offer in Compromise was accepted, from $136,000 to $1,500. Yes, re-read those numbers,” said Monica M,. a TRS tax relief client from Whittier, CA. “I can now begin my life over and… move forward without this heavy weight on my shoulders.”

Tax Resolution Services, Co. is dedicated to providing affordable solutions to businesses and individuals alike who find themselves in trouble with the IRS. Their expert team of tax attorneys, CPAs, and Certified Tax Resolution Specialists has a success rate of 90% - second to none in the industry - and an Offer in Compromise Settlement Rate of $0.11 on the dollar. For more information or to receive a free tax relief consultation, visit or call 866-IRS-PROBLEMS.


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