Bright Kids NYC Releases the Middle Level ISEE(R) Practice Exam

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New York’s premier tutoring and publications company, Bright Kids NYC, adds to its lineup of test preparation books with the release of the Bright Kids NYC Middle Level ISEE® Practice Exam. The ISEE® is administered throughout the United States; it is mainly used by private schools in their admissions process. The Bright Kids NYC Middle Level ISEE® Practice Exam exposes students to the types of questions they will see on test day and the strategies they will need to do well on the exam.

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ISEE Middle Level Practice Exam

The Bright Kids NYC Middle Level ISEE® Practice Exam is the most accurate representation of the exam currently available in the market.

Bright Kids NYC has released its first Middle Level ISEE® Practice Exam for entry into the 7th and 8th grade. This book contains all of the relevant information a student will need to know about the Middle Level ISEE®. The book includes one full exam, answer keys that label the types of questions found on each section of the practice exam, scoring approximation tables that help students gauge how they might do on the actual ISEE®, and in-depth answer explanations that review concepts and offer practical strategies that students will need to know for their upcoming exam.

The Independent School Entrance Examination (ISEE®) is a standardized test administered by the Educational Records Bureau (ERB®) that is used by many independent, or private, schools in their admissions process. Most students will either take the Lower Level exam (for entrance to the 5th or 6th grade), the Middle Level exam (for entrance to the 7th or 8th grade), or the Upper Level exam (for entrance into grades 9-12). All levels of the exam contain a Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, Mathematics Achievement, and an Essay section. All sections, except for the essay, contain multiple-choice questions with four possible answers. Most students take the ISEE® in the fall or winter months. Since students are only allowed to take the ISEE® once every six months or per admission cycle, they need to score well on their first attempt taking the exam.

There is no overall score for the ISEE®; instead, students are given one scaled score for each of the four different multiple-choice sections. The essay response is sent to the school(s) where the student will be applying. Many schools use ISEE® scores as a reliable indicator of a student’s ability to do well on future standardized exams, such as the SAT® or the ACT®. There is a strong correlation between students who achieve high scores on those standardized exams and students who are accepted into top-tier colleges. Thus, private schools pay special attention to students who score in the top percentiles on the four different multiple-choice sections of the ISEE®.

The Bright Kids NYC Middle Level ISEE® Practice Exam is the most accurate representation of the exam currently available in the market. Each section of the practice exam has been carefully written and designed to reflect the various types of questions students will encounter on the Middle Level ISEE®. Special attention has been paid on this practice exam to the language, visual design, progression of difficulty, range of concepts, and the manner of logic that is employed on the actual exam. Other test preparation publications for the Middle Level ISEE® are either outdated, packaged with an Upper Level exam with no attention paid to the differences between the different levels, or even bundled with an entirely different standardized exam. The Bright Kids NYC Middle Level ISEE® Practice Exam will specifically prepare a student seeking to enter the 7th or 8th grade for their upcoming exam by replicating, as closely as possible, the experience of actually taking the exam.

After a student has completed the practice exam, he or she can use the answer explanations in the back of the book to see the various ways to solve the problems. For the Verbal Reasoning section, the student can use the answer explanations to learn the definitions of all the words used on the practice exam. The Reading Comprehension answer explanations section breaks down the various ways a student should approach the types of questions that will be found after the passages on the actual exam. This section also goes methodically through the logic used on each question to get the correct answer. The answer explanations for the Quantitative Reasoning and Mathematics Achievement sections review the mathematical concepts/terms the student will need to know for the exam, show step-by-step how to solve each question, and offer strategies on how to approach the different mathematical areas tested on the exam.

The Lower and Middle Level exams both tend to be marginalized by educational publications; many students and parents do not have access to a practice exam that accurately reflects the ISEE® in all manners while also offering in-depth answer explanations and strategies that can be employed on the actual exam. Containing 160 questions and answer explanations and over 200 pages of useful information, the Bright Kids NYC Middle Level ISEE® Practice Exam is a huge step forward for educational publications that seek to prepare students for the Middle Level exam.

Bright Kids NYC Inc. was founded in New York City to provide language arts and math enrichment for students. The company’s goal is to prepare students of all ages for standardized exams through assessments, tutoring, and publications. The philosophy behind the formation of Bright Kids NYC is that, regardless of age, test taking is a skill that can be acquired and mastered through practice. Bright Kids NYC publications seek to extend this philosophy from New York City to the rest of the country.

Bright Kids NYC plans on releasing another full Middle Level ISEE® Practice Exam and two Lower Level ISEE® Practice Exams in Fall 2012. This year, students and parents finally have books that will successfully prepare them for the Lower and Middle Level exams.

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