Phoenix Datacom announces UK availability of VSS network taps designed for distributed network monitoring of time-critical financial and media networks

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VSS network monitoring taps with Packet Optimisation provide real-time packet Time and Port Stamping at the point of capture of network traffic. VSS Packet Optimization taps allow enterprises such as financial services firms with high-performance, real-time networks to achieve total network visibility for the first time, by deploying distributed traffic capture devices throughout their network.

VSS 28 port GigE/10Gig distributed tap

VSS Time Stamping and VSS Port Stamping give users a record of packet travel from point of capture all the way to the monitoring tool

Phoenix Datacom has announced UK availability of VSS Packet Optimization, a suite of real time packet processing capabilities for the VSS Monitoring Distributed Traffic Capture Systems™ range of distributed network access taps. VSS Packet Optimisation is particularly significant for data traffic capture from networks used for financial services and other high-performance time-critical applications such as media over IP.

The first two components of VSS Packet Optimization are VSS Time Stamping™ and VSS Port Stamping™. They add information to the copy of each packet destined for network monitoring tools indicating the time the packet arrived at the traffic capture device and the device's input port number. Network traffic remains unaffected since only the copy of traffic sent to the monitoring devices is stamped.

VSS Packet Optimization lets enterprises such as financial services firms with high-performance, real-time networks achieve total network visibility for the first time by deploying distributed traffic capture devices throughout their network.

Key to distributed traffic capture are traffic grooming features such as selective aggregation, filtering and load balancing, which optimize the traffic going to the monitoring tools to ensure that the tools are not over- or under-subscribed. Before the release of VSS Time Stamping and VSS Port Stamping, some organizations with high-performance networks could not use aggregation and filtering because network personnel could not track the time and order of packets destined for their monitoring equipment. VSS Time Stamping and VSS Port Stamping meets this need by providing them the ability to verify their monitoring equipment receives the copied traffic in exactly the same order as when it was first collected, thus ensuring the integrity of financial transactions and other time-critical data.

"VSS Time Stamping and VSS Port Stamping give users a record of packet travel from point of capture all the way to the monitoring tool," said VSS Monitoring CEO Terence Breslin. "Financial services and other enterprises can now fully reap the benefits of distributed traffic capture: complete, virtualized and flexible real time visibility, down to the packet level, of even the largest networks. VSS Monitoring enjoys a long-standing reputation for excellence in addressing the unique requirements of the financial services industry, and we're excited to enhance our capabilities with this latest addition to our product line."

Because VSS Packet Optimization uses an internal clock, VSS Time Stamping ensures that accurate time is maintained even in the absence of an external time reference. The accuracy from absolute time is +/- 20 nanoseconds, depending on network factors that include media, line speed and end user-defined conditions, as well as clock drift between traffic capture devices.

VSS Packet Optimization is available immediately for selected VSS Gigabit and 10Gigabit Ethernet (GigE and 10GigE) distributed traffic capture devices.

VSS Monitoring Distributed Traffic Capture Systems comprise one to hundreds of traffic capture devices deployed in a network-wide mesh as one virtual traffic capture system. The system creates a copy of traffic at any point and sends the copy in real time to centralized monitoring tools, thus providing complete and highly flexible views for network monitoring tools.

About Phoenix Datacom

Founded in 1984, Phoenix Datacom Limited operates in the UK and Ireland and is a specialist supplier of products and services related to both network performance and security. Phoenix Datacom has long-standing supply relationships with specialist manufacturers for products used at every stage of IT from development to deployment and ongoing maintenance. Phoenix Datacom customers include major organisations across Network Equipment Manufacturers, Fixed and Mobile Carriers and Broadcast, Enterprise Network Owners in Private and Public Sectors and Defence.

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About VSS Monitoring

VSS Monitoring, Inc. is the leader in network traffic capture, with the world's largest family and most feature-rich traffic capture devices allowing IT professionals to see into the farthest reaches of even the largest networks, preventing problems from reaching end users, and greatly reducing the time to achieve a return on investment for network monitoring and security tools. VSS's innovative Distributed Traffic Capture Systems herald a new architecture of network monitoring, one which fundamentally improves its capability and price-performance. The company is headquartered in Burlingame, California.

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