New Asian Female Quirky Pop Artist “ Jackie Highway ” Teams Up With Hip Hop’s Lovechild “JE The Vandl ” on SMASH HIT Single and Music Video Release “ Big Bad”

The new faces of quirky pop music and hip hop collide with a provocative mashup! Birthing Quirky - POP HOP featuring classically trained asian violinist and quirky pop star "Jackie Highway" and Hip Hop's lovechild " JE The Vandl" on a enticing new single and music video " BIG BAD "

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Jackie Highway Releases Big BAD

Classical Music and Hip Hop collide, birthing Quirky - "POP HOP" featuring classically trained asian violinist and quirky pop star "Jackie Highway"

New York, NY (PRWEB) September 04, 2014

After channeling the spirit of “dream pop” through her debut outing, “Solid State Sun” (2013), Jackie Highway returns with a 90’s inspired hip hop quirk ­ pop smash single, featuring hip hop artist Je The Vandl.

Weaving a funky cool web with her take on the heavy­hearted, sexy and the hopeful, the “Big Bad” single exhibits a Jackie Highway with hip hop perspectives, earthly depth, and a sharpened skill set – in both her talents as a poetic princess as well as a classically trained violinist. Her masterful violin production is also displayed on the track. Je The Vandl brings a punchy cool flow to the track, with his cooler than ever tone and effortless flow. Together their mash up is seducing and undeniable proof of what power collabs are all about.

A striking follow­up, and a testament to an impassioned musician on the rise, “Big Bad” is both a benchmark and a springboard; Jackie Highway and Je The Vandl are making power moves, and their fans are loving it! Jackie Highway and Je The Vandl will be performing live October 18th, 2014 at Chicago hot spot “Debonair Social Club” for a debut performance!

The music video for the “Big Bad” single, proves the synergetic magic these two break out artists have, displaying a new take on hip hop and pop, infused with whimsical lyrics and creative storytelling visuals that leave you wanting more.


Jackie Highway is the 1 ­woman musical adventure of multi­ instrumentalist Angie Shyr. Bound to the road from a young age, Shyr's formative years were molded around classical music lessons. Having mastered the piano and violin, bass and beat ­making, and intent to leave no musical stone unturned, she pounced on any opportunity that came her way, performing with the likes of Guster, Led Zeppelin, The B­52s, TheTemptations, and The O’Jays. With bags packed full of inspiration, Jackie Highway was born.

Born artist Joshua " JE the VANDL" Ellis to the core. As an animation graduate from the elite Art Instituteof Atlanta, he truly has an understanding and passion about the arts, which has lead to a higher level of artistry. Inspired by hip hop legends like Jay­Z, LL Cool J, Kool Moe Dee, Big Daddy Kane, and Mos Def, JE had made a name for himself with his unique and unparalleled approach to music. By combining intricate and involved metaphors and similes with witty and intelligent punch lines, his music gives a refreshing twist to "the art of storytelling".

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