James Pomeroy’s Velocity Sports and Education Empowers Children

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Baseball players around the nation have been trying for years to improve their playing stance and pitching speed. Thanks to Velocity Sports and Education, many are succeeding in improving their game using both its non profit and for profit centers.

James F Pomeroy II

James F Pomeroy II

“James F Pomeroy II simply sat down and rewrote formulas over formulas that broke down baseball tactics. Pomeroy was one of the few to say that velocity is in fact something that can be taught in weeks, not years.

Founder and CEO of Velocity Sports and Education James F Pomeroy II recently announced the continued development of his nationwide baseball training program. The program strives to help baseball athletes from all corners of the nation improve their pitching technique by submitting video footage online.

James F Pomeroy II is a former Detroit Tigers shortstop. He has played baseball ever since he was a child until he was forced to quit due to a torn ACL. Since then he has created a training program that teaches players of all ages to improve their throwing technique.

“If it were up to me I would still be playing,” said James F Pomeroy II. “But now I get to watch young players learn how to become better, stronger and that is a great feeling.”

Pomeroy first stumbled upon the idea of creating a nonprofit that infuses education and sports while he was tossing a baseball around with his son. James realized then and there that the way baseball was taught didn’t evolve with technology, rather his son was learning to play according to the same method he was taught.

After conducting some research and consulting various baseball coaches around the nation, James F Pomeroy II decided it was time to help baseball catch up to modern times. Pomeroy, who also works as a financial engineer, is handy with numbers, and so he began writing programming that is revolutionized baseball by increasing arm speed and teaching coaches how to achieve growth and success with players.

“James F Pomeroy II simply sat down and rewrote formulas over formulas that broke down baseball tactics,” said a Division I collegiate baseball coach who wished to remain anonymous. “Pomeroy was one of the few to say that velocity is in fact something that can be taught in weeks, not years.”

Today, Velocity Sports and Education consists of two outdoor centers that offer a wellness fitness club, baseball and softball training center, education center and empowerment teams. In addition, Velocity Sports and Education offers internet driven cutting-edge training and education techniques for players, parents and coaches. James F Pomeroy II promotes submitting online on the company’s Website video footage of players pitching. He then examines the submitted footage and breaks down the stance, speed, strength, arm angle, and other important factors.

Coaches across the US routinely turn to James hoping to improve their players technique as well as help them avoid injury. In fact, the American Journal of Sports Medicine recently announced that as many as 49 percent of youth level pitchers shall get shoulder and/or elbow injuries this season across America. This is due to overuse, the lack of understanding of the body mechanics, and coach’s lack of knowledge. Velocity Sports and Education has developed techniques to change all of this.

“Our programs can really improve a player’s pitch as well as make sure they are playing safely,” Pomeroy said.

Looking to the future, James F Pomeroy II plans to help 10,000 or more players in the upcoming year by teaching them how to throw better, stronger and safer. In addition, Velocity Sports and Education will continue developing cutting-edge video instruction and downloads that further push baseball ahead.

“Baseball is no longer the game I was taught 35 years ago, instead we are pushing it to new heights,” James F Pomeroy II said.

More About James F Pomeroy II
James F Pomeroy II has spent over a decade helping kids through the games of baseball and softball. Pomeroy is the founder and CEO of Velocity Sports and Education, a non profit that trains, teaches and empowers young baseball and softball players nationwide.

For more information visit James F Pomeroy’s Google+ and facebook pages, or check out the James F Pomeroy blog.

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