James Schramko and Noah Kagan Impart Solid Business Philosophies amidst Talk of Burritos and Fake Wives in a Podcast Recently Posted on InternetMarketingSpeed.com

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Popular Internet marketing expert James Schramko currently features on his website InternetMarketingSpeed.com a podcast of his interview with AppSumo’s Noah Kagan. The discussion covers substantial business insight vis-à-vis mentions of burritos, tacos and Kagan’s fake wife.


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You don’t have to do a lot of things, but just do a few things really well. If Apple can be the world’s most successful company with just five or less than ten products, think about your own business.

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Web business authority James Schramko’s blog, InternetMarketingSpeed.com, features an interview he had with Noah Kagan of business start-up daily deals website AppSumo. The latter also lists employment at Intel, Facebook and Microsoft among his impressive credentials. A post titled “Noah Kagan and James Schramko Discuss Appsumo.com and Related Internet Business Ventures during Breakfast” presents a podcast of the interview with an accompanying transcription.

Over breakfast, Kagan answered several questions about AppSumo and other business matters that Schramko posed. The exchange covers topics such as business growth, business structure, remote hiring and operations, business metrics, refund policies, risk reversal, etc. interspersed with fun and interesting analogies involving food, relationships, etc. Kagan, who is dubbed Chief Sumo in the company hierarchy, markets the AppSumo wares with the tagline “All your software in one nice little burrito”.

“I think everyone needs to start with an objective, and a specific number around that objective,” Kagan replied to Schramko’s query about his focus topic. He went on to discuss his company’s refocus from email to the number of paying customers per day. “What we realized is that that objective and that metric wasn’t the right thing to focus on because it wasn’t growing our business… now we’re seeing results.”

Schramko and Kagan also tackled the subject of bureaucracy in the company in terms of structure with Kagan sharing the three stages of a business. He described his own experience transitioning from one stage to another. With regards to his current stage, he shared, “I’m actually trying to get better at even getting further away from the business. Mostly you kind of get to thinking about, what’s the highest level stuff that you can be doing, and definitely less micromanaging and micro checking in on people.”

The two as well touched on the subject of choosing one thing to focus on in business and doing it really well with Kagan quoting Apple CEO Tim Cook and Schramko referring to legendary investor Warren Buffet. Kagan asserted, “You don’t have to do a lot of things, but just do a few things really well. If Apple can be the world’s most successful company with just five or less than ten products, think about your own business.”

In inquiring about Kagan’s influences regarding his multiple skills, Schramko gleaned parallels between their backgrounds, and pointed out, “It’s in the family. I do think that probably a lot of the things that we do later on in life were instilled when we were kids.”

To conclude, James Schramko alluded to AppSumo’s tagline by asking how Noah Kagan would choose his order in a burrito bar. The Chief Sumo revealed, “I get the same thing every time at the same places that I go to. You know I’m open to trying new things but what I found out is that I know it’s good, I enjoy it. It’s not like it could get any worse. It’s like getting married. Like there probably is a hotter woman out there, but I love my wife,” and added the clarification, “I’m not married… I’m single.”

These are but a few tidbits from the fun, yet, informative interview. Those who are interested in hearing the entire length of the conversation can listen to the podcast here.

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