James Schramko and Georg Holzmann Talk About Improving Audio Quality Using Auphonic.com In New Podcast

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Expert audio engineer Georg Holzmann explains the basics of Auphonic, the audio post production web service he created, in a recent podcast with Internet marketing expert James Schramko.

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With the Auphonic audio post production web service, users just upload their recorded audio and Auphonic will do the rest. Neither complicated parameter settings nor audio expert knowledge is necessary.

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Podcasts and other audio recordings have been steadily gaining popularity as convenient channels for delivering information online, but simply creating an audio file is no guarantee that people will stop and listen; its quality must be outstanding. Internet marketing expert James Schramko's recent podcast on JamesSchramkoNews.com features Georg Holzmann, co-founder of Auphonic.com, and focuses on how his team's technology vastly improves audio quality for the benefit of business owners and marketers across the World Wide Web.

Any individual who has attempted to record himself speaking will know that the sound quality of the recording is never immediately perfect; background noises, breathing noises, microphone irregularities, and other external factors can all affect the sound, resulting in a dirty and inaudible audio file. Auphonic is an automatic audio post production web service that can help creators of broadcasts, podcasts, audio books, lecture recordings, radio shows and screencasts turn their raw audio files into crystal-clear, high-quality audio content that people can listen to with ease.

In the podcast, Holzmann shares that he formulated the idea for Auphonic after listening to a popular German podcaster talk about how difficult the technical side of podcasting can actually be, what with all the considerations about audio engineering, file formats, file conversions, meta data, and other factors involved. "So I thought, 'Yeah, actually it’s quite easy to make a little automation software for this,’ and all this started with a small script just to adjust the loudness. It started very simple and then it got more and more complex."

Eventually, the automated technology was further developed to include several other functions, such as tools for noise and hum reduction, editing, adding intros and outros, and adjusting overall loudness so that different podcast episodes can have the same volume levels.

Despite the numerous capabilities of Auphonic, however, the basic technology remains relatively simple to use—and this is highly beneficial to marketers and business owners who have no idea how to improve audio quality in the podcasts and other audio recordings they wish to use in their websites for their online marketing campaigns. "Users just upload their recorded audio and Auphonic will do the rest," explains the Auphonic.com team in their official site. "Neither complicated parameter settings nor audio expert knowledge is necessary."

"It’s fast, as well," Schramko points out in the podcast. "What I love about it is that someone without technical knowledge like me can do basic edits. I can put an introduction, I can put an outro, I can join a couple of voice tracks together and it just spits out something of high quality."

Holzmann also adds that Auphonic can be used to provide chapter marks for lengthier podcasts (making it easier for listeners to access specific sections of the recording). Also, the processed files can be distributed to other services—they can be put directly on servers, sent to YouTube, Soundcloud, or Libsyn, or used with Dropbox or Amazon S3.

Another important thing to note about Auphonic is that it is absolutely free. "It’s a funded project from the Austrian stature," the audio engineer says. "We also plan to make a premium model later on, so that the small podcasters can still use it for free, and the heavy users pay for it a little bit."

To listen to the full podcast or to find more information about Georg Holzmann and Auphonic.com, visit JamesSchramkoNews.com.

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