James Schramko Shares Trigger System That Forms Productive, Efficient Habits For Business Success

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In this week’s business news video update, SuperFastBusiness CEO James Schramko shares his proven system of setting triggers designed to help business leaders and professionals form habits that ensure productivity, efficiency and great results.

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James Schramko is one of the successful business leaders who often stress how harnessing the power of habits helps them find meaning and structure in today’s fast-moving and constantly changing business environment. While thinking out of the box and being always ready for surprises can boost the chance of business growth, it is the reliability and consistency of everyday routines that power the discipline and productivity needed for long-term success.

Schramko, who runs multiple multimillion dollar businesses under his main venture SuperFastBusiness.com, enjoys the lifestyle he wants through handpicking the best management systems that suit his schedule and priorities. In his latest business training video, he shares one of his top techniques on how to form good habits to accomplish everyday tasks with precision.

“This is a pretty simple tip but it allows you to get more things done,” he says. “You probably need to set reminders. I call them ‘triggers.’ One way is to set a calendar alert or an alarm on your phone. Another way is to actually have somebody send you something that triggers your response.”

This trigger response technique relies on constant and effective reminders that help people remember tasks and form good habits through actual practice and repetition. By living out the routines day after day, it can eventually turn into a habit—the person automatically accomplishes important tasks without the need for outside motivation and by taking the most practical way possible.    

Setting triggers is done not only through the help of material things such as alarms and calendars; triggers can also come from something more intangible, such as a regular event or activity. A good example is Schramko’s video-making routine, which evolved when he discovered that the best time for him to think up topics for his video content is always right after the SilverCircle Business Mastermind sessions he runs. His weekly calls with his clients who are business owners allow him to compile interesting notes that inspire ideas and themes for his videos.

“My habit now is just after we do our Mastermind calls, I record a few tips videos. That is the trigger for this video to happen and sooner or later it becomes a habit and it becomes automatic,” he shares. “In fact, I’ll just automatically pick up the camera, pick up my whiteboard, come out and make these news videos every single week straight after my Mastermind.”

The relevance of Schramko’s video releases and the positive response from viewers—as well as the success of his other business ventures—simply prove how good habits indeed lead to improving routines, finding balance and enhancing performance.

To get more ideas on boosting the odds of business success, readers are encouraged to make visits to http://www.superfastbusiness.com part of their winning routines.

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