SilverCircle Founder James Schramko Shares Top Business Technique Used By His Most Successful Students in a Recent News Update

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SuperFastBusiness CEO James Schramko's business Master Class program, SilverCircle, is comprised of high-performing business individuals seeking to double or even triple their wealth with the help of tried-and-tested development strategies. A recent news update from the founder discusses the one technique that the program's most profitable students employ.

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James Schramko - Online Business Expert

Turn off bright shiny objects, trim down your inbox, and stop pursuing the 'opportunities' that keep bobbing up in front of you because they’re more exciting than following the track.

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A powerful locomotive engine thundering down the railroad track straight to its destination — that is the image that SuperFastBusiness CEO James Schramko uses to illustrate a highly effective business technique in his latest news video. It is a technique that the most profitable students belonging to his high performance business mentoring program SilverCircle use in their own lives and enterprises to attain their goals of growing wealth and further success.

The basic premise of this highly recommended business strategy, Schramko states at the beginning of the news video, is simplification. "A lot of business owners are over-complicating things," he points out. "There’s just too much going on. I’m going to give you a technique to really tone things down. "

The Internet marketing expert then urges viewers to visualise a big locomotive engine pulling an entrepreneur's business along the tracks. The engine has everything it needs to run, and all the entrepreneur needs to do is focus on its destination and follow the tracks.

The engine is sure to encounter "logs" or obstacles along the way, and Schramko assures that this is bound to happen. "Just remove them," he says. "Those are objections, those are challenges, those are staff things, those are customer things, those are system things, they break....They're just logs on the track. Get your chainsaw out and remove them."

By simply choosing to stay focused on the tasks that need to be done and the goals that must be achieved, starting and going through the journey towards business success is made much easier. "As long as you know where you want to go and you do the right things to get there, you’ll be okay. Stop these left and right turns," advises Schramko. "Turn off bright shiny objects, trim down your inbox, and stop pursuing the 'opportunities' that keep bobbing up in front of you because they’re more exciting than following the track."

Opting for the steady route may not always be exciting, though; different business owners have their own concept of routine tasks that may not be stellar in scope, but gets them where they need to go. These tasks may involve, say, following up prospects, converting them into sales, cultivating a continual customer relationship program, or updating websites. While these projects may feel mundane, they actually help lay down the tracks so that a business can keep moving forward.

This business technique and many other valuable strategies and knowledge can be accessed by marketers and entrepreneurs who sign up for Schramko's Internet business coaching forum community called FastWebFormula. Also, successful business owners making six figures or more are invited to sign up for the waiting list for the CEO's business masterminds program SilverCircle.

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