James Schramko Shares Salient Points Discussed in the Latest Silver Circle Session

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Internet business expert James Schramko has come out with the latest Silver Circle news update. From group dynamics and seed planting analogies to newsletter opt-ins and elements of a sales copy, Schramko provides highlights from the most recent session of his exclusive business mastermind.

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James Schramko - Online Business Expert

My preferred strategy now is to offer a news or educational series because that is an ongoing relationship and you generally get a better higher level of email.

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Online marketing mogul James Schramko is known for his offering of high value products and services, one of which is the Silver Circle Business Mastermind, a venue for a limited number of people to share information, come up with problem solutions, and offer support to one another. Silver Circle sessions focus on advanced business matters and the discussions in them cover high level business concepts. In the recently released Silver Circle news update, Schramko shares valuable tidbits from the latest convening of Silver Circle members.

The first topic he talks about is Tuckman’s Group Dynamics. “This can be applied for decision making and is also really handy if you run a forum or build some sort of community around your product or business. There are four stages, but he later added a fifth,” Schramko explains. He enumerates the five stages – forming, storming, norming, performing, and mourning – adding a short description for each one.

Schramko moves on to the next topic, the concept of planting and harvesting seeds in analogy to the sales cycle of a business. “If you have a sales cycle, it really pays to be aware of the fact that when you’re seed planting or prospecting or getting customers, then you might be spending a lot of energy on that, you might not be harvesting,” he points out, explaining that harvesting, in this case, refers to the delivery of services.

He continues, “In general, it’s actually easier to sell things than to deliver them so you have to be conscious that when it’s time to deliver stuff, you spend your time delivering all your services and you might not be planting enough seeds for the next crop, so when you get a little more advanced and better with your cycle times, you can set up a field next door and actually have seeds planted while you’re harvesting, so that you can plant and harvest and speed up that cycle and build up your business stronger and more consistent.” Schramko qualifies this to be an advanced strategy and adds a reminder to keep in mind what nature teaches about the subject. “You’re either planting seeds or harvesting. It’s very hard to both at the same time unless you have a team or leverage system to take advantage of that.”

Opt-ins for a newsletter or a report was also taken up by the members, and in his discussion of this topic, Schramko includes a treat for the viewers of the video news by giving his personal strategy in this regard. “What I found with my own marketing is that when you offer a free report, a lot of people will give you their secondary email address, get the report and never open another email again,” he reveals. “My preferred strategy now is to offer a news or educational series because that is an ongoing relationship and you generally get a better higher level of email.” According to Schramko, the bait may not be as attractive and less people may opt in, but they will certainly open the succeeding emails after the first. “Now you have a chance to build a relationship,” he points out.

Still in the topic of newsletters, Schramko states that he likes to use videos. “That way I’m connecting and getting a better relationship with my end viewer. They get to know me; they can see me; they can trust me and like me so that anything that I recommend comes with more weight, so consider for your opt-ins, get an email news series up and running and see the difference it makes over a free report.”

Schramko closes his news update with a very insightful copywriting tip from direct marketing legend Drayton Bird. Two things that people should do when creating a sales copy are to appeal to greed and to use flattery. Schramko avers, “People in nature are very greedy so if you can appeal to people’s greed that will help you sell more, and if you can flatter your customer, they respond really well to that.”

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