James Schramko Shares Success Activators to Get the Perfect Customer, Achieve Business Growth, and Build Wealth

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Fresh off from attending the “I Love Marketing” conference in the U.S., successful entrepreneur James Schramko shares what he’s learned and talks about some of his own breakthrough strategies for improving sales, expanding business, and increasing wealth.

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James Schramko - Online Business Expert

Create a customer getting system and a referral system that keeps bringing those people back in front of you time and time again. You can systematize and automate that with things like autoresponders and websites.

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SuperFastBusiness founder and CEO James Schramko has been traveling the world, and it’s not just about leisure. The highly successful business owner just attended a marketing conference called “I Love Marketing” in the U.S. and recently did his web video broadcast from Germany. Schramko discusses some of the success activators he’s learned from the marketing conference and also reveals some of the tried-and-tested formula that has allowed him to improve his sales, to grow his business, and, ultimately, build wealth.

One of the highly successful secrets Schramko shares in his recent web video post is a highly successful strategy for improving sales. The business owner and Internet marketing expert says that entrepreneurs need to target the ideal customer and then develop an effective system that will guarantee the acquisition of more ideal customers. Whether it’s focusing resources on loyal customers who guarantee repeat business or exploring innovative streams for enticing new customers, Schramko emphasizes the need to set-up an organized structure to target the perfect customer.

The CEO points out, “Create a customer getting system and a referral system that keeps bringing those people back in front of you time and time again. You can systematize and automate that with things like autoresponders and websites.”

While Schramko shares his “must-do” for improving sales performance, the SuperFastBusiness CEO also discloses his all-important tactic for being productive: eliminate what isn’t useful or needed. He clarifies, “That means saying no. That means taking an inventory of what you’ve got, eliminating all the things you don’t need and just sticking to the top three and work out the next action step for each of those three items. That gets you moving forward way faster.” If an item on the “to-do” list has to be done but resources are currently lacking, Schramko’s advice is to re-classify it as a “to-do later” instead of forcing its execution at the company’s expense.

During the “I Love Marketing” conference, Schramko picked up on known marketer Joe Polish’s rhetoric on how to aim for greatness. Schramko amplifies that success activator by encouraging entrepreneurs and budding Internet marketers to solidify their confidence and to challenge themselves with projects or objectives that would normally terrify them. Schramko believes that by straying away from one’s comfort zone, entrepreneurs can determine whether a project or an objective was really worth the anxiety. The exercise may eliminate unnecessary stress and possibly even acquire a new revenue stream.

While it’s not always plausible for any successful business to rest easy in order to maintain profits, Schramko reveals that business growth isn’t always about working longer hours. He argues, “If you want to be wealthy, build up connections. Build up relationships. I’ve just been traveling around to a few different places. I went to an ‘I Love Marketing’ conference in the United States. There are 500 people there who I can build my network with. So make sure you get to a few events this year and if there are a lot of people in those events, then that’s more connections. It’s more important than just working really hard.”

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