Heatmaps Create Faster SEO Results According To SuperFastBusiness.com

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To help website owners maximise their optimisation efforts and achieve a quick turnaround from their SEO provider, SuperFastBusiness CEO James Schramko discusses the importance of using heatmaps, the benefits of auto-approval and quality press release angles, as well as the advantages of being upfront about previously received search engine warnings.

James Schramko - SEO Expert

With heatmaps showing areas within a webpage that users click the most, site owners can view an instant picture of what's hot and what's not, and with this information on hand, owners can accordingly make changes that would increase conversion rates.

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In his latest news update video, SEO expert James Schramko provides tried-and-tested advice on how business owners can get the most out of their efforts to optimise their websites. The SEO update focused on innovative web tools that offer valuable insight on users' movements on their site, helpful practices that clients can observe to speed up the optimisation process, and the advantage of establishing an open and honest relationship between client and provider.

Schramko began the discussion with a recommendation of web tools called CrazyEgg.com and ClickTale.com. These tools are designed to create heatmaps or visual representations that show website owners what users do when they visit the site. By clearly showing the areas within a webpage that users click the most, site owners can view an instant picture of what's hot and what's not, and with this information on hand, owners can accordingly make changes that would increase conversion rates or revenues. These tools encourage site owners to devise ways to make the pages more interesting and useful for web users and to get more of the clicks that make money.

The Internet marketing guru once again stressed the importance of quality content. When clients relate fresh new developments and changes in their business, SEO providers can create a truly newsworthy press release that would be syndicated to more places. Thanks to an exciting news angle, media networks may be enticed to approach to contact a site owner, and this could generate even more buzz for the business.

The same goes for infographics. With rumours circulating that infographics links are in danger of being discounted in the future by major search engines, it has become more important than ever to gather accurate data, refer to reliable sources, and create engaging and impressive designs. "As an industry, let’s make sure that we keep the standards high so that they are not discounted or devalued down the track," urges Schramko.

Having an organised and methodical approach to doing business with an SEO provider can make all the difference in achieving fast, excellent optimisation results, Schramko also points out. Right from the start, clients must have a solid SEO plan and inform their provider right away about the site they wish to optimise and the target phrases they want to use.

Providing timely responses and maintaining open communication with the SEO provider always works to the client's advantage. SuperFastBusiness divisions SEOPartner and LinkJuice have correspondents at hand to explain processes, make recommendations, and provide updates. "With our process, we actually create a lot of original content, and some of our clients are on auto-approve which is much faster for them to get a result," Schramko shares. Auto approval eliminates the time-consuming step of manually sending content to clients and waiting for approval before the next phase of the project can begin. "So be clear about what you want, be responsive with the team, and you’ll get your work completed faster and you’ll get a better result."

To round out the news update, Schramko encourages new SEOPartner and LinkJuice clients to be upfront about incidences of their sites previously being slapped or receiving search engine warnings. Doing so enables the providers to create a solid plan of attack in balancing out link portfolios, putting the right structure on the sites, and basically making SEO services simpler, faster, and more effective. “We’ve got a good research and development team and we’re there to help... Level with us, tell us what’s going on, and we can do our best to support you,” Schramko ends.

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