James Schramko Shares Eight Management Tips: Choosing Sales Models, Building Trust — and the Importance of Fearlessness in Business

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In his latest video update, Internet marketing success James Schramko, reveals eight more tips that have helped him effectively manage and streamline business operations. From tips for gaining consumers’ trust and forsaking negative thoughts, James Schramko inspires budding entrepreneurs and offers sound advice.

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James Schramko - Internet Business Expert

A big part in running a successful business is to turn off these negative thoughts… and start just assuming that things are going to be rather easy and just move forward.

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Once again, James Schramko shares tips for successful business management in his newest video on SuperfastBusiness.com. The Internet marketing coach, who is known for regularly releasing effective business advice via his website, starts his latest video by informing viewers of the two different types of sales techniques — upselling and downselling — and why he believes the downsell is more profitable:

“I think a big mistake people make is they focus too much on the ascension model of small going through to big. Why not start with the big product right now and then sell down to the smaller products?”

The online marketing expert then explains that sales should be followed up soon after — and regularly. He places emphasis on the probability of future sales, which can only be secured by regular follow-up. He urges business owners to “put in plan a follow up model” so that they can “reactivate sleepy customers when it’s time for them to repurchase.”

He also offers insights on the importance of fearlessness in business, citing the ability of children to learn new or complicated tasks simply because they lack apprehension. Schramko reasons that confidence is key to making progress:

“A big part in running a successful business is to turn off these negative thoughts… and start just assuming that things are going to be rather easy and just move forward. Sometimes you just go straight through, [and] you get the results you’re after,” states the Internet marketing authority.

Sending newsletters to customers, according to Schramko, is also an effective method in keeping a strong presence in consumers’ consciousness. He states, “There is a relationship between frequency and repeat purchases. The more you are omnipresent, the more you are on the mind of the buyer and then the more likely it is that they’ll come to you when they’re ready to find something that you actually have.”

Schramko insists that business owners should also go beyond using newsletters to reach customers by creating a media page documenting interviews and articles featuring the company. He reasons that doing so helps build trust among consumers:

“The more that you put yourself out there and the more that you become an authority in your expertise and the more published documents you have… That is the gold standard for people trusting you and wanting to do business with you.”

The online business authority then follows by detailing ways for better business management, such as using a numerical standard to determine a project’s profitability, working in small batches, and employing software to automate manual tasks.

According to Schramko, using a number — like hours spent on a project or hourly rates for consultations — can help entrepreneurs arrive at business decisions much faster. On the other hand, working in small batches, although seemingly time-consuming, actually helps save more time as it lessens the incidences of errors down the road and the need to rework larger portions of projects.

The Australian business expert completes his eight tips by encouraging entrepreneurs to lighten workloads by relegating manual tasks to other individuals or software. James Schramko ends his video with an invitation for viewers to share ideas for automation:

“There’re many other things you can automate in your business so get on to it today. Find one thing that you can automate and perhaps make a comment below. Tell me what you’re able to automate today!”

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