James Schramko Recommends Value-Added Content to Complement Search Engine Synonym Matching Functions

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Superfastbusiness.com CEO James Schramko offers advice on how Internet businesses can effectively create and manage high-value website content that gets picked up by search engine “search intent” functions. He also identifies helpful online tools that help site owners follow consumer movements.

James Schramko - SEO Expert

Content must be appropriately named; this way, users can be easily directed to their site even if the phrases they typed into a search engine do not exactly match the content's title or the phrases within the body.

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In his latest SEO news update video, online business expert James Schramko discusses SEO ranking factors and explains how business owners can choose and improve the content on their websites to become more visible in search engine results. In addition, he points out how using various report tools can help site owners learn about how users navigate and behave on their sites.

Major search engine algorithms have evolved to recognize "search intent"—this means that whenever an Internet user types in an entry, the search engine uses all kinds of signals to determine what the user is really searching for. Often, the website uses data from millions of previous searches on the same subject as a strong signal for predicting what today's user may be looking for.

Similarly, the synonym matching capabilities of search engines perform better now and this provides an opportunity to rank your on-page content. Schramko explains that site owners must ensure that their content must be appropriately named; this way, users can be easily directed to their site even if the phrases they typed into a search engine do not exactly match the content's title or the phrases within the body. By taking care to keep website content relevant to their target audience, site owners can expect search engines to effectively interpret user intent and lead them to the right page on their website.

The SEO expert also highlights content ideas that can bring more people to refer to websites again and again for the high value they provide. "Case studies are really popular," Schramko says. "People like real results instead of theoretical stuff. They also like statistics and any type of screenshots or measurements or data that you found that you can share within your industry." Screenshot tutorials are popular new additions to the Superfastbusiness.com web development site as well. "We put screenshots and text that show people how to do things, and that’s extremely useful information. It gets lots of visits and they stay on the site for a long time and they look at the other training and tutorials."

How can website owners monitor these visits from users? Schramko recommends using popular search engine Webmaster Tools; using a simple export function, business owners can download the recent links to their site. Paying close attention to the type of content found on sites where a company is getting links can give owners an idea of their recent performance. "If it’s good quality content and it’s relevant pointing back to your site, and (search engines) are aware of it in their Webmaster Tools, we think that’s a good thing."

To gain further insight on how their websites are performing in terms of consumer use, business owners can also examine analytics reports from the same major search engines. "You should definitely be looking at things like how long do people spend on your site, what is the bounce rate of people when they arrive at your site, and what are the search queries that people use to come to your site. You can also now look at real time visits," Schramko elaborates. This data can help owners understand the value that consumers find in the different content available on their site.

Wrapping up the news update, Schramko reveals how Superfastbusiness.com can curate content—with each video released weekly, descriptions of the video are rewritten and posted onto the majority of the company's own SEO and traffic-related websites. "Each version of it is 100% hand written; it’s unique and valuable because it accompanies this video and it will get indexed across all of our sites. So we’re actually curating our own content on our own sites. So if you have more than one site, you might want to look to syndicate your own content to yourself and rewrite it."

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