James Schramko Announces the Latest Traffic Grab Version 2 Training Modules and Webinars for FastWebFormula.com Members

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Superfastbusiness.com CEO James Schramko reveals the newly uploaded Traffic Grab 2 training modules as well as his webinar schedule from September to November for members of FastWebFormula.com. He also announces an interview with LeadPlayer founder Clay Collins, now available at InternetMarketingSpeed.com.

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James Schramko - Internet Marketing Expert

Members of FastWebFormula.com now have access to fresh Press Release and YouTube/Video Marketing modules that will teach business owners how to get more traffic for their websites using press releases and original video content.

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In his latest news update, James Schramko, CEO of Superfastbusiness.com, announces the release of the latest and highly anticipated Traffic Grab 2 training materials at FastWebFormula.com. Members of this online Internet business coaching forum community now have access to fresh Press Release and YouTube/Video Marketing modules that will teach business owners how to get more traffic for their websites using press releases and original video content. People with Traffic Grab and Fast Web Formula memberships should also expect to find Facebook training modules uploaded within the week.

The Internet marketing expert also outlined the schedule for Fast Web Formula webinars from September through to November. The September webinar will be covering the topic "Owning the Racecourse." "It's about being in control and owning your asset," Schramko explains. This webinar will discuss how businesses can be less dependent on any single platform, how they increase the number of leads brought into their system, and how to simplify the process of putting out content and getting good traffic for their websites.

For October, the webinar will feature "Lunatic Millionaire," a compilation of the lessons Schramko learned while running a hundred-million-dollar-a-year business from the very person who owned the business and had a very different business approach compared to traditional company owners.

"Inbox Relief" is the subject of November's webinar; it will be discussing everything from getting rid of all the clutter in one's inbox to taking less information in while putting more information out. "When you're out in the marketplace, you want to be the one sending emails, not the one receiving and reading them. The only emails you should be getting are ones about things that you need to act on right now or matters that will boost your business today, and emails from people in your own team," Schramko shares.

Non-members of Fast Web Formula can simply join the community today and start gaining access to a wealth of Internet business resources and training sessions. "It is the best way to get pretty much a brand new product every single month, plus the entire back catalogue of all the things that I’ve been putting there already... It’s my total concentrated focus for Internet marketing," Schramko emphasizes. Members can consume valuable information and products while getting support and relevant coaching from the CEO himself at the same time.

Schramko also announces the addition of an interview with Clay Collins, creator of the LeadPlayer plugin, at InternetMarketingSpeed.com which can be accessed for free. The online business expert went through a number of interesting topics with Collins such as how the software startup came about, what types of challenges he met along the way, and how he arrived at a pricing strategy for the product. "Clay is such a nice guy and I think you’ll like his attitude around customers and innovation. You should be able to pick up some great ideas."

To wrap up the news update, Schramko offers advice on effectively positioning a call to action on web content. Site owners may be wondering, should the call to action be placed above the fold, below the fold, or right in the middle? The CEO answers, "You should put them in the most relevant place. Right at the end of my videos, I put a call to action for people to join my newsletter." This way, viewers who find the video especially engaging and informative can immediately sign up to receive more valuable content that can help enhance their business.

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