TrafficSure Takes Multimedia Marketing to the Next Level with New Podcast Creation Service

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TrafficSure, the original traffic service division of James Schramko's, introduces an exciting new podcast creation feature as part of its revolutionary traffic generation packages.

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TrafficSure also aims its structured marketing campaigns at a specific consumer segment: the earphone-wearing market that regularly looks for and listens to quality audio offerings online.

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Online marketers require a steady flow of quality traffic to their websites in order to survive and achieve success. TrafficSure, the traffic generation arm of created by CEO James Schramko, gives businesses a distinct advantage in attracting new customers by adding podcasting to its list of marketing strategy offerings. The service helps clients create a podcast which can be used as yet another weapon in their arsenal of marketing techniques to help draw more web users straight to their online doorstep.

"Businesses need to access multiple traffic channels—they should never become dependent on any single platform," Schramko explains. TrafficSure gives online businesses a leg up in terms of building a reliable customer base by leveraging multimedia content—videos, picture graphics, press releases, social media posts, RSS feeds, and the like—to attract customers from a variety of quality sources. Aside from targeting millions of consumers worldwide who enjoy viewing videos and sharing textual content through social media, TrafficSure also aims its structured marketing campaigns at a specific consumer segment: the earphone-wearing market that regularly looks for and listens to quality audio offerings online.

TrafficSure's podcast creation service will expertly strip the audio from a five-minute news or promotional video that they have created (or one that the client has provided) and turn it into an audio MP3 file; this will be then be uploaded to the client's Amazon S3 account. Furthermore, the audio file will then be transformed into a podcast that will be available on iTunes for a myriad of web users to find—an excellent technique to [get more website traffic.

"Apple's iTunes is the best place for podcasts as numerous people listen to them straight from their devices," Schramko points out. "The podcasts you put up on iTunes, just like videos you upload to YouTube, are open to Customer Reviews. The progress and success of your website marketing campaign can also be tracked through the ratings and comments that your podcast receives on iTunes."

Schramko's recommended practice of utilizing multiple media sources to generate traffic and get in touch with consumers who become buyers is the basis for the marketing strategy he calls Own the Racecourse.

"You can be completely independent of any single platform. You’re not building your business on Facebook, you’re not building your business on YouTube, or in any other single place, for that matter," the entrepreneur states. "You’re building on your own website and you’re building your own database which is transferrable, portable and controllable. When people change the game, you just substitute them out and bring something else in. This really is a system where you are in control."

By learning how to podcast or by hiring experienced online marketing professionals like the TrafficSure team to create, fine-tune, and distribute original and engaging multimedia content across the web, site owners are effectively harnessing the power of mainstream media and easily reaching out to increasingly tech-savvy consumers.

"With TrafficSure, you get to build your own website asset as you also tap into iTunes, YouTube, Facebook, news outlets, and more," Schramko shares. "Our team will help you create and distribute your message across the web to get maximum exposure."

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