Increasing Quality and Authority: James Schramko Recommends a Strategy to Address the Recent Search Engine Panda Update

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Lift a website's overall authority—this is Super Fast Business CEO James Schramko's advice for business and website owners as a response to the arrival of the 24th Panda algorithm update by search engine giant Google.

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James Schramko - Internet Marketing Expert

Focus on lifting the overall authority level of your site. Make sure that when someone comes to your site—and I’m talking about an actual human being—that it is useful information and it’s good.

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Last January 22, 2013, Google announced its release of a new Panda update—the 24th refresh of the algorithm change that the search engine giant has rolled out since the initial Google Panda launch in February 2011. To help online marketers and business owners everywhere safely ride out the latest wave of changes, Internet marketing expert James Schramko cites several ways to recover or maintain a site's integrity and continued operations in a recent news update video.

Google webmasters have traditionally said little in terms of effective strategies that can help website owners comply with their algorithm changes, but their emphasis has always been on identifying and improving (or even removing) low-quality and superficial content—a tip that Schramko fully supports.

"What we at Super Fast Business think is important to do right now is to focus on lifting the overall authority level of your site...Make sure that when someone comes to your site—and I’m talking about an actual human being—that it is useful information and it’s good."

Other popular search engines have increased their market share in the past few months, but compared to Google, they still have a decidedly thin slice of the pie in their hands. Yahoo! reportedly has 12.2% and Bing has 16.3%; Google, on the other hand, enjoys a mighty 66.7% market share. "The game is still Google, but there’s a little bit of a sideways movement there from the competitors. I would still say it’s worth spending most of your efforts building the best authority you can regardless of whether you’re trying to get Google, Bing or Yahoo," shares the CEO.

So what steps can site owners take to improve their online authority and strengthen their sites in response to the 2013 Panda update? Schramko offers a number of helpful tips that prioritize the introduction—and maintained demonstration—of honest-to-goodness value to business websites. "This (update) is the ONE about quality, so you really want to take it up a notch. You want more pages on your site having page rank because they’re linked to from more places and they have relevant social power as well."

The Internet marketing expert advises creating simpler navigation throughout sites and removing bulky blocks of links at the bottom of home pages. The Google rel="author" attribute is also a big help in improving authority. Sites that post large numbers of photos with words in them can consider getting web designers to make the text search-readable or use text with CSS formatting rather than simply taking photos.

Schramko also points out how frequent publications of original press releases still have a positive impact for search engine optimization. "Even if search engines are trying to discount their validity for SEO, press releases can actually bring you real buyers and they do get syndicated into other search engines and media formats." The releases can also catch the eye of members of the press who may want to run them on offline publications, so that's yet another plus for SEO. "They do lead to business," the entrepreneur affirms.

Rounding up his update video, Schramko picks up the example of Google's Amit Singhal (who recently created a Google Webmaster Central blog post listing 24 questions that site owners must ask themselves to recover and determine true quality) and encourages fellow marketers to scrutinize their sites with fresh eyes as they tick off these questions: "Is it useful? Does it have really good content? Is it easy to find? Would you complain about it or report it (if you were the competitor) for being a junky site? This is how you defeat the Google Panda update," he says. "I’m also pleased to report that the majority of our customers are still getting fantastic results."

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