Business Tip from Super Fast Business CEO James Schramko's Latest News Video Helps Marketers Devise a Solid Sales Strategy

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Successful entrepreneur and Internet marketing expert James Schramko describes a smart sales plan that can help business owners achieve better success in their ventures.

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James Schramko - Online Business Expert

Focus on increasing your conversion percentage because even small sales at a high conversion can give you that customer who later on can repurchase and increase the gross per person.

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“Change your methods, change your results” — that’s an oft-repeated quotation applied to improving sales performance and business success, and it is the same principle that CEO James Schramko discusses in his most recent news update video: having an informed and reliable sales strategy can help revitalize a company's processes, introduce better results and bring in greater profits.

The business tip is derived from Schramko's previous experience in working as a salesperson in a car dealership. The entrepreneur breaks down the stages of a successful sale and encourages fellow marketers and business owners to develop a similar system within their own organizations to effectively make the most out of the sales opportunities that come their way every day.

"Everyone obsesses about making sales," the CEO points out. "But if you want to go to the very core level, think about it as 'leads and conversions equals sales.'"

Schramko's first advice is to increase the percentage of conversions rather than just the dollar value or the thing that will pay the biggest commission upfront. "Focus on increasing your conversion percentage because even small sales at a high conversion can give you that customer who later on can repurchase and increase the gross per person," he explains. "Think of yourself as a problem-solving machine and only ever sell solutions that are perfect for your customer."

Next, the Internet marketing expert outlines the steps of a successful sales plan.

  •     The opening step - It is generally an advantage if a salesperson and a customer get introduced in a face-to-face environment rather than discuss high-price products over the phone.
  •     The question phase - The seller has the responsibility of thoroughly investigating the customer's individual situation so that he can go about finding the best solution.
  •     Offering proof of the solution's quality - A proper demonstration or trial version of the product must be provided to show customers that it is the best solution for their needs.
  •     Following up - "A lot of salespeople never even ask for the sale," Schramko observes. "It’s the follow-up where you get that extra percentage of customers where other people would leave them. If you follow up better, you’ll make more sales."
  •     Provide a unique and top-quality customer experience - Working at the car dealership, the CEO recounts how most salespeople would simply hand over the keys to a new car to their customers, ending the transaction. In contrast, Schramko describes how doing things differently and putting more thought to how customers can get better experiences from their purchase can improve customer perception about the seller's brand of service and set them way above the competition. "I was able to sell more than everyone else this way," he emphasizes.

Once a smart system of providing exceptional customer service like this is devised, business owners can benefit from creating a type of template containing the effective sales steps for use in every transaction. "Build a sales system checklist for your business and you’ll be profitable," Schramko recommends.

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