Boobooski Experiences Japan Internships Boom Resulting from 43% Tourism Increase and Ability to Bridge Centuries Old Cultural Gap

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Recently released statistics from the Japan Tourism Marketing Co show a 43% increase in visitors to Japan so far this year, “The high demand we're experiencing for Japan internships is a direct result of two things,” remarks Adam Claydon-Platt, Director of boobooSki, a Japan internship and resort job placement service, “First, the increase in tourist numbers and second, our ability to smoothly bridge the cultural gap between Japanese employers and foreign workers.”


We’re knocking down the uchi-soto by respectfully being part of the culture, and most of all, by providing a high level of customer satisfaction - to both parties

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Although progressive and modern, Japan is steeped in ancient tradition and the need to belong to their own group, otherwise known as the ‘uchi-soto’, or the ‘us and them’, mentality. Up until now, foreigners have had the odds stacked against them to become a part of the ‘us’ in Japan; however, boobooSKI’s cultural understanding and comprehensive services are tipping the scales in favour for those who want a real taste of the Japanese lifestyle.

As a result of being firmly grounded in their culture, “the Japanese are very particular about what they want,” says Adam Claydon-Platt, Director of boobooSKI, a Japan internship and resort job placement company, “and there are many cultural points people must take into consideration before attempting to immerse themselves into the culture.”

It’s generally known the Japanese have an unparalleled work ethic, but also express a great sense of fun through their unique pop-culture. Adam comments about working in Japan, “It’s necessary for our staff to have a real interest in the culture,” comments Adam, “and to be aware they’ll experience various types of culture shock, including changes in diet, living and working environment. For example, if you’re not aware of the special ‘honorific’ way to speak to your boss in Japan, it may lead to some issues.”

BoobooSKI has been operating in Japan since 2005 and gradually expanded their services to all the major resort regions of Gifu, Nagano, Niigata, Hokkaido, and Okinawa. This wide reach gives boobooSKI’s staff access to world-renowned beach and ski spots, allowing them to transform free time into exciting seaside activities (island hopping, scuba diving etc.) excursions or thrilling ski-time in some of the finest powder snow in the world.

As a result of the increasing visitor numbers and the upcoming ski season, boobooSKI finds themselves in massive need for more Japan-keen applicants. As the resorts' vacancies narrow with the inundation of foreign tourists, local vacationers are packing out the lesser known holiday spots. “We pride ourselves in servicing resorts that cater more to the Japanese than to foreigners,” says Adam, “it’s a compliment to be allowed into the less touristy areas, it means our staff are well respected and can become fully submerged into the Japanese culture. This makes their adventures more unique and their memories all the more vivid.”

Although Adam brushes off the fact boobooSKI’s exciting job perks are what most people consider a holiday (as all staff have to work hard while they are there too), he maintains their Japan internship focus has always been about providing exceptional experiences for both employees and employers, while proudly being a part of bridging the centuries’ old cultural gap.

“Our success depends on bridging that gap with fun, rewarding experiences,” exclaims Adam, “we’re knocking down the uchi-soto by respectfully being part of the culture, and most of all, by providing a high level of customer satisfaction - to both parties.”

“We’re a conduit, so to speak,” explains Adam, “we keep things flowing smoothly. Because we’re involved, we’re able to provide once-in-a-lifetime experiences while helping to avoid misunderstandings between parties. Because we’re uniquely positioned in the middle, we’re able to comprehend and resolve any differences that may arise.”

Adam then continues, “It's essential to find the best way to keep both sides as happy as possible. And due to the Japanese culture being the way it is, this is often a balancing act, but it’s something we’re getting used to doing all the time, and becoming experts at.”

Although it’s possible to trek out and work in Japan unaided, the benefits of having a culturally accepted company, such as boobooSKI, help with all aspects of the journey, far outweighs any small savings recouped by going it alone.

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About boobooSKI

boobooSKI have taken their passion for Japan and innovated working and studying abroad, by helping young people from around the world secure paid and unpaid work in the country’s popular beach and ski hotels and resorts.

Their programs were created for the promotion of mutual understanding and friendship between Japan and other countries, and to encourage students of various degrees to improve their knowledge and skills and experience first-hand the internationally renowned Japanese work ethic, culture and approach to service.

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