What Makes Large Scale Jatropha Projects Tick? Three Industry Experts Offer Insights

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With numerous Jatropha projects underway, it is critical for those in the Jatropha industry to have a firm grasp on the practices that will contribute to Jatropha's success as a viable biofuel. As a forerunner to JatrophaWorld Hamburg 2008, a free one-hour webinar, scheduled for September 30, 2008, "Setting Up Successful Jatropha Projects" will provide a platform to discuss this critical topic and more.

Free Jatropha Webcast

Developing sustainability criteria for feedstocks based on renewable resources is critical for long-term viability of any biofuel project as it would minimize the sociological and environmental impacts of such projects.

As a precursor to JatrophaWorld Hamburg 2008, a free one-hour webinar "Setting Up Successful Jatropha Projects" will commence September 30, 2008 at 9:00 am EST (USA), 3:00 pm CET (Central Europe), 6:30pm IST (India), and 9:00 pm SST (Singapore). Dr. R. Rajagopal will chair the event, joined by Thilo Zelt and Jamey Hadden, to answer hard-hitting questions by Jatropha investors.

"Setting Up Successful Jatropha Projects" will provide a platform for Jatropha investors to have their questions answered by experts in the field as well as join in lively discussions on Jatropha's outlook as a viable, sustainable biofuel.

Critical questions to be addressed during the webinar include:

  • How can Jatropha Curcas be grown in a sustainable way?
  • Which is the better approach -- collective farming or large scale Jatropha expansion projects?
  • What are key factors in deciding on strategies to be adopted by Jatropha project developers?
  • What are the risks and barriers to Jatropha investments?

Chairperson, Dr. R Rajagopal burst onto the Jatropha scene with his position paper 'Jatropha as a Biodiesel Feedstock: A Strategic Analysis', downloaded by more than 2000 people worldwide. He recently penned a critical update 'Best Practices for Long-Term Jatropha Development', which has also created a buzz.

In his latest position paper, Dr. Rajagopal discussed the need for Jatropha sustainability standards. He states, "Developing sustainability criteria for feedstocks based on renewable resources is critical for long-term viability of any biofuel project as it would minimize the sociological and environmental impacts of such projects."

Panelist Jamey Hadden is currently working with the Vietnamese Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development to develop Jatropha cultivation projects. Sharing an investor's views on Jatropha, Hadden states, "This is a long-term business and we are at the very beginning. No one should get into this for a quick return because it's not there."

Guest panelist Thilo Zelt's affiliation with Global Exchange for Social Investment makes him particularly poised to offer insights into the development of sustainable Jatropha projects and Jatropha's long-term biofuel potential. As one of the authors of the "First Global Market Study on Jatropha," Zelt has familiarized himself with over 242 global Jatropha projects.

To participate in the September 30, 2008 webcast, visit http://www.futureenergyevents.com/jatropha/webcastH/ to register.

JatrophaWorld Hamburg 2008 scheduled October 20 - 21, 2008 will lend further insights into practices necessary for Jatropha's commercial biofuel success. This much anticipated two-day conference will gather into one arena Jatropha investors, venture capitalists, financiers, government officials, agronomists and biodiesel producers from all four corners of the globe to discuss key success strategies that include:

  • Choosing the best location for Jatropha projects in terms of local legislation, funding, agro-climatic conditions, labor and logistics.
  • Adopting best practices in Jatropha Agronomy and Processing for maximum income returns.
  • Setting up a profitable Jatropha plantation.
  • Mapping global biofuel blending specifications and demand for Jatropha oil.
  • Complete utilization of Jatropha Curcas L, including biowaste and seedcake.
  • Evaluating risk for a realistic view of Jatropha project potential for long-term forecasting.
  • Meeting and networking with strategic people to attract expertise, investors and government support for Jatropha projects.

Those wanting to attend this timely and informative two-day conference need to visit http://www.futureenergyevents.com/jatropha/attend/ to register.
About JatrophaWorld:
JATROPHAWORLD 2008 is a showcase of all the latest trends and shifts occurring in the Jatropha value chain, bringing together on a single platform, the best expertise to discuss and analyze the present and future dynamics of Jatropha. JATROPHAWORLD is organized by the Centre for Management Technology whose mission is to provide access to the latest technology and business intelligence through high profile alternative energy conferences.


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