Wireless Analyst Jeff Kagan on Lenovo Entering U.S. Smartphone Market

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Technology Industry Analyst Jeff Kagan is available to speak with reporters or may be quoted through this release.

Jeff KAGAN, Industry Analyst

Technology Industry Analyst Jeff Kagan is available to speak with reporters, or may be quoted through this release.

China’s Lenovo Group Ltd. wants to start selling smartphones in the U.S. market within the next year, says CEO Yang Yuanging according to Dow Jones as carried on the Fox Business news site May 24, 2013.

Tech analyst Jeff Kagan offers comment on this story.

“The company that has been so successful in the personal computer business since it acquired the Thinkpad brand from IBM, wants to make lightning strike twice. The wireless business is a completely different business model than computers, but those two worlds seem to be coming together quickly. It has for Apple. So far Lenovo has been successful with their smartphone launch in China. They want to continue in other markets around the globe as well,” says Principal analyst Jeff Kagan.

The PC industry is struggling. Shrinking demand for basic hardware and the change toward tablets is causing weakness in the computer industry. Lenovo is the second largest smartphone vendor in China following Samsung.

“Lenovo has been doing well holding their own as competitors are shrinking rapidly in the computer space. How long will Lenovo be able to do well in the computer space without change is the question? If they can add this smartphone device, and have it work with their computers in unique ways, this could strengthen the demand for Lenovo in coming years. All they really need to do is follow the Apple model at this early stagem,” says analyst Kagan.

Whether Lenovo want’s to get into the smartphone business because of the smartphone opportunity, or as a way to keep their computer business strong is not clear yet.

“We’ll have to keep our eyes open and see. However, Lenovo seems to be hitting on all cylinders right now so I see this move into smartphones as making sense. This is an opportunity that many other similar companies simply don’t have,” says Kagan.

One big question is how well Lenovo will do in the U.S. smartphone market. They have no brand name in that space. That was not a problem for Apple with the iPhone. The question is will it be a problem for Lenovo?

The smartphone market is evolving into a marketing driven business. This is something that Lenovo says they understand. This industry is becoming a very marketing and fashion-oriented business for many business segments.

“If they can hit this right, this is an enourmous opportunity for Lenovo to not only build the smartphone business, but to solidify the computer business at the same time. And we haven’t started talking about the Cloud opportunity yet,” says Kagan.

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