Jim Case Carlton’s Training Announces New Positive Workplace Attitude Standards

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Jim Case Carlton’s Training consults companies on training standards for workplace issues for human resources. Attitude in the workplace has become a top priority to increase productivity.

Changing Workplace Attitudes

Changing Workplace Attitudes

I always found I was in a foul mood after talking to a member of our accounting team. I was mirroring his attitude. So next Monday I came in singing and he mirrored my attitude.

There seems to be a dark cloud over the workplace and Jim Case Carlton’s Training has initiated a new set of rules for attitude standards in the workplace to remove it. A lot of conflict at work and inadequate internal and external customer service stems from the attitudes employees bring to their jobs. Jim Case Carlton’s Training has manifested some rules to help organizations change attitude of employees to effect change in performance.

It has been said that 30% of what people say are the words they use and 70% of what is conveyed is how they say it. Someone can say they’re having a great day in a way that lets anyone in earshot know it is the worst day of their life. If so much of what is said is the tone used and frequency then companies can use just that tool alone to help alter workplace attitude.

Jim Case Carlton’s Training teaches that attitude is infectious. Everyone knows what a bad apple can do to a workforce. When an employee has a rotten attitude it literally infects fellow employees like an illness. And soon the whole organization is sick. But the good news is a great attitude in an employee can spread just as fast giving the organization an appeal, strength and vibrancy that make it productive.

The first step is to inform employees they must go beyond a state of professionalism. So often employees cloak themselves with the term professionalism as a method of not revealing their problems and just doing their job. But the manner in which they perform their tasks can take its toll on team members and spread until the company is infected.

People of all walks of life mirror the attitudes that come their way. If you smile at a baby it will smile back. Jack Cash Carlton’s Training encourages this technique to change workplace attitude. “I always found I was in a foul mood after talking to a member of our accounting team. I was mirroring his attitude. So next Monday I came in singing and he mirrored my attitude,” says Stacy Reynolds of Perkins.

Finding what is going right in any workday is a huge component of altering workplace attitudes. Everyone has watched his or her favorite sports team hit a slump where nothing goes right. A losing streak breeds a losing streak. But what happens when they win a few in a row? They become more powerful. Any team can accomplish this by celebrating the little victories in their day. Others will share theirs and soon the office is on a winning streak they will fight hard to preserve.

Jim Case Carlton’s Training solves tough workplace problems by implementing corporate training strategies to improve workplace conditions and situations. The use of their programs provides insight into the improvements companies need to gain success. To see their training programs online or know more about them, click on their site here at Jim Case Carlton’s Training.

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