Jim Case Carlton’s Training Announces New Ways To Get Promoted At Work

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Jim Case Carlton’s Training provides consulting to companies for corporate education. They are currently establishing training tips on best practices to get promoted.

Jim Case Carlton's Training

Jim Case Carlton's Training

I believe that I’ll be judged not just by how hard I work but by with whom I work hard.

Jim Case Carlton’s Training announced Friday a new agenda to provide training to company personnel on how to get promoted at work. Employees need to learn not just the tools of their trade but how to shine a light on them. Great work is not enough. Employees have to go above and beyond what is expected and Carlton’s Training Jim Case has some steps to take to gain promotion faster.

Everyone wants to gain more respect, get higher pay and be in a greater position at work. But how to get there? Jack Cash Carlton’s Training knows so many have seen others get to the top by means they could not morally commit to or seem shady. But there are legitimate ways to reach the top of the corporate ladder if hard work and self-promotion aren’t a problem.

Shine light on accomplishments. Most employees spend so much of their time doing their work and zero time calling attention to it. If the boss doesn’t see it, it didn’t happen. The company will benefit but not the individual. And if an employee isn’t the selfish type they can think of it another way. Jim Case Carlton’s Training has witnessed first hand that if the company is benefiting from an employee’s work wouldn’t they benefit even more if they were higher on the food chain? Then they could promote others like themselves and benefit the company even more from the inside out.

Dress to impress. It cannot be stressed enough that you are what you project. Once again, if you are too busy working to look professional at work, people will remember the bad hair days and wrinkled shirts and not the new accounts brought in. Jim Case Carlton’s Training suggests employees take the time to look the part of the newly promoted manager and the employee will become the newly promoted manager. Make casting easy for managers.

Make strong associations with fellow co-workers. It is never known who will get the big promotion. Carlton’s Training Jack Cash has seen that maybe it will be the hardest working employee or maybe the one who just married the boss’s first born. But if you’re friends with both and have made strong allies of them it won’t matter. Their success will benefit the employee with those ties to them. “I believe that I’ll be judged not just by how hard I work but by with whom I work hard,” says Lawrence Bishop of IBM.

Offer to mentor someone. If an employee gives back and helps bring someone up and protects them it will make them an ally for life but also create respect from all others who witness it.

Jim Case Carlton’s Training helps companies launch training ideas and corporate strategy. They implement training to employees to help the company function better. To view their programs or learn more about their organization, click on their site at Carlton’s Training Jim Case.

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