The Poll Results Are In - JOEBEES® Health Survey Says "Energy" (Or Lack Of) Is One Of Average Joe's And JoAnn's Biggest Concerns

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A health survey of more than 1400 men and women painted a clear picture of what's ailing Middle America: lack of energy, restful sleep and weight management.

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So far, the gen Xers, boomers and senior crowd are gravitating to JOEBEES because it's making a difference

While congressional leaders are undecided about whether to pass or fail the controversial $700 billion financial industry rescue bill, there's no doubt what's on the minds of men and women when it comes to being healthy.

A recent internet survey by South Florida e-tailer clearly identified the most important health concerns among the 1400+ participants.

"We were both surprised and thrilled by the results," says Joe Blumenstein, founder and owner of JOEBEES® all natural, free range bee pollen,® who sponsored the survey. "America spoke loudly that they want to be healthier and that they need more energy to kick start a fitness routine."

The survey asked participants to rate seven categories by matter of importance with "1" being the least important and "10" being of the highest importance. The following lists the percentage of participants who listed the category as a 10:

Overall health        52.2%
Energy            44.1%
Restful sleep        41.8%
Weight loss        36.4%
Fitness            33.1%
Stress management    29.3%
Anti-aging        23.4%

In addition, a whopping 68% of respondents said "No" to the question: Are you happy with your weight?

"It's clear these people recognize they're overweight AND that they want to do something about it," said Blumenstein, who launched in the Spring of 2007. "But it's hard to rev up the engine and get active if you don't have energy or you're not sleeping well."

JOEBEES all natural, free range bee pollen is helping thousands of men and women throughout the U.S. boost their energy and get active. The key to the product's success: It's an energy catalyst. Clients who take two capsules in the morning before breakfast are recognizing an energy increase which is leading to an increased desire to get active.

"What's great about the survey results," Blumenstein adds, "is they validate a cycle we strongly believe is perpetual. Getting energized leads to a desire to increase activity. Increasing activity leads to more restful sleep. More restful sleep restores energy and the cycle starts all over again. JOEBEES helps our clients make that first step by giving them the energy they need to get active and reclaim a healthy lifestyle. I can say that with complete confidence because people are changing their lives daily thanks to JOEBEES."

JOEBEES makes it easy for people to give it a try because of its 100% money back guarantee. Many clients realize they have nothing to lose by trying the product at no risk.

"So far, the gen Xers, boomers and senior crowd are gravitating to JOEBEES because it's making a difference," said Blumenstein. "The more people who learn about JOEBEES, the faster our base will grow."

JOEBEES is not sold at retail stores for one simple reason: Blumenstein doesn't want to lose control of the client service side of his business.

"I love my clients and will do anything for them," said Blumenstein, who has developed a "Culture of Yes" when it comes to serving his clients. "If I sell my product through stores, I don't get the opportunity to communicate directly with my JOEBEES family, and that's very important to me. I love them and will do anything I can to help them get motivated, energized and activated."

Read testimonials from satisfied JOEBEES customers, and visit Joe Blumenstein's website to learn more about the owner and founder.

About is a progressive, natural health e-tailer focused on providing health solutions in a responsible manner. The flagship product, JOEBEES, is offered online in one to six month supply increments. Joe Blumenstein (aka Joe B.) personally oversees the operation and offers an unconditional 100% money back guarantee. is based in Pembroke Pines, FL, USA. Visit JOEBEES.Com for additional information.


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