Joe Yurkin Endorses Rising Popularity of American Alpaca Farms

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As many amateur and professional designers embrace the versatility of alpaca fiber, an increasing number of alpaca farms are appearing in America. Joe Yurkin, a retired alpaca breeder, comments on this growing trend.

Alpacas may not be native to America, but many enterprising farmers are discovering that raising the rare animals can prove rather profitable. According to a recent ABC report, alpaca farms are quickly growing in the U.S., especially in the Ozarks region. Joe Yurkin, who previously managed an alpaca farm in Florida, comments on the many benefits the unique animal offers, including their wool, which is used to make a resourceful fiber.

The article interviews Michael Six, owner of Morning Moon Farm in Rogersville, Missouri; although he and his wife started with just one alpaca, their farm has grown so successful that they currently have 67 of them. The animals produce a fiber that is favored by knitters and fashion designers for its unique qualities. Six describes, “It’s one of the softest natural fibers on earth. It's eight to ten times warmer than sheep’s wool. It's as soft as or softer than cashmere. It's 99.99% hypoallergenic which is key for people that are allergic to sheep’s wool.”

Although the industry is in a state of growth, Joe Yurkin realized the advantages of alpaca farming years ago when he became the owner and president of Florida-based United States Livestock, LLC. He explains, “Alpacas are a rare breed of animals, and their thin fiber is especially exceptional and profitable because of its similarity to cashmere.” While Yurkin is currently involved in the oil industry, he anticipates that current farmers will face a high demand of alpaca fibers by manufacturers in the near future.

The industry is growing so fast that Michael Six and his family has already helped others in the area establish farms. According to the article, “The number of alpaca farmers continues to grow with six alpaca farmers within a 25 mile radius of the Morning Moon Farm.” However, Joe Yurkin notes, “Alpaca farming is not a business one can just jump into, and entrepreneurs should take precaution before joining this booming business. As Michael Six did, a prospective farmer must take the time to study and prepare for this very special animal.” Yurkin adds that if one understands how to care for the animal, alpacas can prove to be very intelligent and fun. In the article, Michael Six agrees with such sentiments and states, “They are peaceful, docile, intelligent and loving animals. They all know their names.”


Joe Yurkin, Owner and President of Pacific-Northwestern Energy, is an expert within the oil and natural gas industry. In addition to his business endeavors within this global industry, Joe Yurkin has experience as a self-development expert for active business professionals and as a mentoring coach for athletes. Yurkin’s professional history includes a diverse range of business expertise, including his work as owner and president of United States Livestock, LLC in Florida. Through this venture, Yurkin found success as an alpaca farmer and breeder, selling the animal’s wool to help fabric manufacturers produce alpaca fiber.

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