Viral Santa Clauses Stalking Tourists and Bureaucrats, Song John Lennon Sang in Dream, Now Most Popular Christmas Music Video in History

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A dream's President of Pop, Austin Washington, had, of John Lennon singing a song, combined with camera-phone footage of anarchic Santa Clauses recklessly hugging passers-by in front of the White House, becomes the most popular Christmas video in the internet's history

Best Christmas Video in History

Ho ho ho. Merry Christmas!!!!

On December 8, the anniversary of John Lennon's death, Austin Washington,'s President of Pop, woke up from a dream in which John Lennon sang a song, "Need a Little Love". Grabbing his travel guitar and Macbook computer, Austin recorded this new song in a little over three hours - beating Axl Rose's record by something like 17 years.

That same week, Austin ran into a group of anti-Grinch Santas stalking tourists and federal bureaucrats near the White House, determined to hug everyone they found walking down the street. Austin filmed this with his phone-cam.

The next day, he put this up on the internet - the song, with the video of the Santas - and within hours, crashed the servers, as hundreds of thousands of hits started pouring in from around the world.

To handle the load, Austin put the video up on YouTube, where it is fast becoming the most popular viral Christmas video in the internet's history - far more popular, ironically, than Axl Rose and Guns 'n' Roses newest single.

Most ironic of all, perhaps, is that the song that beat Axl Rose's 17-year 13-milion dollar project Chinese Democracy, "Need a Little Love", comes from American Democracy's most prominent spokesman, George Washington's ancestral nephew Austin Washington, well known for his advocacy of civil rights issues around the world, and promotion of original American values. Hardly Chinese Democracy.

Any proceeds from "Need a Little Love" (of which he doesn't expect much!) will go to Austin's new foundation, AmericanScream.US

The video can be found either at, or, if the servers crash again, at

Austin just received a telegram from Santa Claus, which says "Ho ho ho. Merry Christmas!!!!" He passes the message on to you.




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