Compare VOIP Provider Rates Changes Name, Reiterates Mission

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Compare VOIP Provider Rates - a site offering users an easy and convenient way to compare VOIP rates between leading providers - has changed it's domain name to better align it with it's mission, namely providing users with easy access to the cheapest rates possible.

Unfortunately passion has a time limit, and when presented with Big Money, even enthusiasts are tempted to sell.

The problem with most so-called VOIP comparison sites out there, is that they're anything but. Instead of objectively comparing VOIP providers, most sites are simply nothing more than advertising platforms where the highest bidder wins the most prominent placing. Providers are forced to pay hundreds or even thousands of Dollars to be displayed on those sites, and the sites themselves outbid providers on Google AdWords further driving higher the cost of gaining new customers - which in turn drives higher the prices consumers have to pay - consumers and providers lose, advertising agencies win.

To add insult to injury, things weren't always like that. Some of the most prominent VOIP comparison sites out there used to be community-run by passionate enthusiasts who were doing it for the good of the community. Unfortunately passion has a time limit, and when presented with Big Money, even enthusiasts are tempted to sell. A single company currently owns three of the most prominent so-called comparison sites and appropriately describes itself as an advertising agency - which is exactly what it is.

Consumers are mostly unaware of this trend, and mistakenly think these sites are genuine. They are led to make bad choices and choose providers who would fail in a genuine comparison against most others. Some call it the American way- big money wins. But some disagree- consumers should choose providers based on genuine reviews and how good the providers perform, not based on how big their advertising budget is.

One entity that aims to change all of this is Compare VOIP Provider Rates - a site which provides an easy way to compare calling rates to most destinations worldwide. When comparing VOIP providers no other factors are considered. The calling rate is the only factor the site considers, and the lower the rate, the more prominent the provider's placing will be.

To align itself with it's mission - introducing users to more affordable VOIP providers - the site changed it's name from to in the hope that the new name helps consumers become aware and more price-sensitive in their VOIP provider choices.

Current features offered by the site:

  • Non-biased rate-based comparison between dozens of providers to thousands of destinations
  • A residential VOIP comparison between leading US providers
  • A collection of VOIP articles

Future plans include a VOIP forum, a non-biased provider review section, and other features to provide genuine user feedback about the scores of VOIP provider choices out there. As opposed to most every other VOIP site out there today, all comparisons are and will keep being genuine and based on real facts - not advertising budgets.

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