Health Concerns Prompt Radiation Software Give-a-Way

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The Institute of BioAcoustic Biology provides public education, information and software in support of SELF HEALTH

“Sharry Edwards’ work defines and demonstrates the unifying field theory that defied Einstein” …John W. Apsley, II, MD(E), ND, DC Expert on radiation damage due to Fukushima exposure

In an attempt to provide alternatives to the ever-increasing restrictions placed on Health Care and Health Freedom, a small, federally registered non-profit biotech company, Sound Health, has organized a series of public access workshops designed to address some of the urgent radiation exposure threats; especially to the American west coast population.(1)

The public software, Radiation Exposure, is being made available online to help identify radiation exposure in terms of Frequency Equivalents*™. The software download includes two software programs; one to identify significant vocal frequencies that need to be evaluated and Radiation Exposure software which creates individual computerized management reports. Charts that explain Radiation competitors (those items that compete for resources within the body) and nutritional antidotes are available from the same site: This software is experimental but has been tested by the Sound Health Research Institute by means of extrapolation.

The public have been warned by many agencies and prominent experts that the radiation released from Fukushima is at least 50 times more deadly than Chernobyl; which has been linked to thousands of cancers, immune disorders and deaths.(2) Simultaneously citizens are being assured by government officials that no American will be effected. Accumulated statistics indicate that reports of serious health issues stemming from the Fukushima disaster are well-founded.(3)

National and regional publications support the fact that the US Health Care system is in crisis.(4) Thousands of people experience it every day with predictions indicating more misdiagnosis, rationed care and death if the trend continues. Three reasons have been provided as potential causes for this predicament: Health Care is more about $$ than health; mandated “Standards of Care” are not addressing individual needs; people feel that their bodies, food, water, air, economy and environments are being polluted beyond the limits of return.(5)

“People ask,” Sharry Edwards, Director of Sound Health explains, “What we do here at the Sound Health Research Center? That’s a hard question to address because the answer is hard to believe. We have discovered the fundamental pattern of the body’s self-healing potential. Through frequency and its mathematical matrix of the brain and voice, we are able to help support optimal form and function, assist people to reverse disease, predict health issues, accelerate healing and delve inside the body and mind using vocal analysis. We have the evidence and supportive outcomes. While other are talking and complaining, we are providing tools to help people address what has been identified as a most prevalent and stressful health issue. We now wait for conventional technology to catch up with our findings."

Edwards believes that there is a need for people get healthy and stay healthy.

Asked why the Sound Health Institute is providing this valuable software to the public, Edwards replied, “There can be no change unless people can see options and hope for a better world. We want to provide solutions to a nurturing society that will allow people to use the software and education to set-up community centers so that people can be evaluated and informed about the health issues facing all of us. Without attention to our physiological and safety needs, we cannot hope to grow as a Nation, as a People united.”

Other public access classes will be on-going in 2012 and posted on YouTube: BioDiet (real reasons behind weight mismanagement), BioHazzards (about chemtrail pollution), PreVac (evaluation before and after forced immunizations), Allergy Assessment (discover individual sensitivities to foods and other substances). There are over fifty (50) softwares that will be shared to allow people to explore the options of SELF HEALTH.

Participation requires a microphone ($20+) and the ability to download software. Doable with Macs but requires partitioning the hard drive.

*a numeric representation of a body structure or process.

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5. Doctors speak out: healthcare has been reduced to a making money factory by S. L. Baker, features writer

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