Fascinating Self-Preservation System Explains Human Behavior

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Author Herman Kagan Ph.D releases the groundbreaking new book “The Psychological Immune System,” detailing how this incredible survival system has evolved over time and the critical influence it has on human behavior.

Research has proven the intricate, evolutionary path of the human immune system, and its adaptive nature to enhance human survival. This remarkable system protects an individual against billions of microorganisms every day. But, in addition to the biological immune system, there is also another system that is working to protect, preserve and enhance one’s life – The Psychological Immune System.

An authority in the field of psychology and human behavior, Herman Kagan Ph.D releases the fascinating book "The Psychological Immune System: A New Look at Protection and Survival” (ISBN 1420890050). This pioneering work makes scientific sense as to why people think and act as they do. The Psychological Immune System uses emotion to alert us to danger, and our ingenuity to figure out ways to avoid, neutralize or destroy the perceived threat.

This remarkable self-preservation system has evolved to not only protect the individual physically, but it helps defend property, and the sense of self from threat and injury. Dr. Kagan presents an intriguing and in-depth look at the human evolutionary past, through anthropological information and reference to historic events and cultures. Of critical value are his insights into how the development of the Psychological Immune System can explain both our positive and negative behaviors, and the motivation behind it. Dr. Kagan reveals the six principles that govern the Psychological Immune System and shows how they can be learned and applied to everyday behavior.    

Negative programming, unhealthy environments and genetics can all work towards building an improperly functioning sense of self and Psychological Immune System. Dr. Kagan explains that it is this sense of self-preservation that has the potential to make us rise up and be great, and the potential to make us paranoid about who our enemies are. Always on the alert for potential danger, this system taken to the extreme can be clearly witnessed in situations such as road rage, spousal abuse, and warring societies. “The Psychological Immune System” is a revolutionary book and an extremely insightful contribution to understanding human behavior.

Herman Kagan Ph.D received his doctorate in clinical psychology at the University of Arizona. He has worked extensively in the field of social services including six years with the California Youth Authority, twenty-five years with the County of Ventura Mental Health Dept., thirteen years as Program Director of the Simi Mental Health Center Children’s Services, and eighteen years as a Coordinator of the Parents United Chapter in Ventura County. He specializes in child abuse, sexual abuse, and youth crime prevention. This former president of the Ventura County Psychological Association taught psychology classes at the University of California until retiring in 1994. Dr. Kagan has been married for 48 years and lives in Ventura, CA. “The Psychological Immune System” (ISBN 1420890050) can be purchased at online bookstores.


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